Barista & Co: Our Story

Here at Barista & Co we make fresh honest coffee and kit for home work and play.
For us great coffee should be roasted fresh, ground fresh and brewed fresh.
We started Barista & Co as we enjoyed drinking good quality coffee but it wasn’t coffee we were buying from the supermarket, it tasted so much better when we were able to find freshly roasted coffee and make it at home.
The problem was finding consistently good quality coffee and brewing was made way too complicated. We wanted to flip this on its head so everybody could enjoy excellent fresh coffee at home.
No nonsense.
Just clear labels.
Simple to use coffee makers.
Friendly advice.
Rather than tell people what coffee they should be drinking, we start by asking what coffee you enjoy. If you enjoy a milky coffee, we can match your coffee to this. If you’re looking for a stronger coffee, we have our own products that will make the right coffee for you.
It’s amazing to think that over 50% of people own a coffee maker that doesn’t match their preferred coffee. We want to do something about this.
We seem to forget how personal coffee is. If you ask your friends what type of coffee they enjoy, there’s a fair chance they’ll give you a different answer. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to brewing coffee but with a simple brew guide, we want to help. You don’t have to be a coffee geek to make great coffee.
With that being said, you could say that I am a coffee geek. But I understand that most people just want to enjoy a good cup of coffee at home.
I fit this perfectly. I’m a coffee lover. Not a coffee geek. I don’t weigh my coffee and I don’t look at ratios, but I know what I enjoy and I tend to stick with it. I care patiently about the ethics of our coffee and our factories and farms. I work with our suppliers to ensure that we’re making a difference to their communities.
This is why we set up our coffee doing it right project. Through this, we’re proud to be part of 1% of the Planet and we donate to Project Waterfall when anyone buys our coffee and products.
When you buy your coffee from the grocery store, it goes through as many as 25 middlemen. We’re stripping this back and building direct relationships. This means that we can pay more than supermarkets do allowing our farmers to grow and nurture a higher standard of coffee.
We’re proud of the fact that we take time to talk directly to our coffee farmers and we know them by name. We’ve got some incredible farmers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of northern Colombia. They’re an indigenous community of coffee farmers who believe in equality, sustainability and by working with them we are able to support their community on the edges of the rainforest.

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