Core Coffee Press FAQs

How to Make Coffee in a Cafetiere?

Getting the perfect coffee takes time and practice. Knowing what grind size to use, how much coffee to put in and how long to brew for can feel like a minefield. Find out how to make perfect cafetiere coffee here.

How Much Coffee Should I put in my Cafetiere?

We recommend between 15g - 18g of freshly ground coffee per person for the ultimate brew. This is the equivalent of one heaped tablespoon, or you can use our scoop measuring spoon for more accurate estimates.

Can I Buy Replacement Cafetiere Beakers?

We all know accidents happen, that's why we've made it easy to get your hands on the Core Coffee Press replacement beaker with the glass handle. This product is available in the 3 cup and 8 cup size.

How Often Should I Replace the Metal Filter?

The metal filter on your cafetiere prevents coffee ground from getting into your cup. We'd recommend changing it every 6 - 12 months depending on usage. If you want an even cleaner brew from your coffee press, try doubling up the metal filter.

Can I Use Filter Ground Coffee in my Cafetiere?

Yes! In fact, many coffee drinkers are switching to a slightly finer grind size in order to extract the full flavour from the bean. Our House Darker Roast is full of rich milk chocolate and caramel flavours and is perfect for your cafetiere. Just remember to reduce the extraction time to 4 minutes.

What Size Cafetiere do I Need?

We offer two coffee press sizes, a 3-cup and an 8-cup. Cup sizes are based on a traditional Italian serving of around 120ml. You'll notice the 3-cup cafetiere will make 1 mug of fresh coffee. The 8-cup cafetiere makers around 3 mugs. If you're looking for a single use coffee maker, we'd recommend the 3-cup. The last thing you want to do is leave your coffee to overextract! An 8-cup cafetiere is perfect for family mornings around the breakfast table.

Why Does my Cafetiere Coffee Taste Bad?

There are a number of reasons your brew might not be to your liking (and it's usually not got anything to do with the coffee you're using). This article explains all the reasons your cafetiere coffee tastes bad.

How do I Exchange or Return my Coffee Press?

Our aim is to give you all the information you need to choose the right coffee maker for you, but when something goes wrong we want to do what we can to help. Refer to our returns policy for more information about returns or exchanges. Please note, we are unable to offer a return or exchange if the Core Coffee Press has been used.