5 Coffee Accessories You Need in Your Campervan

If you’re anything like me, you need a cup of coffee to wake you up in the mornings. Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday, a cup of coffee is an essential part of your morning routine.


So, is it possible to make a coffee if you’re travelling around the country in a campervan?


The answer is simply yes. And very easily.


Thanks to the trusty Twist Press, a simple, practical, and compact coffee maker, it means your coffee habits don’t need to be one of the things sacrificed when on the road. With just a simple twist, you can still enjoy a clean, strong coffee wherever the journey takes you – yes, that does include cliff edge camping (although personally I’m too scared to test it myself, I’ll take your word for it).


If strong coffee is not your forte and you prefer your brew slightly weaker (but still fresh and clean!), I can highly recommend the Brew It Stick as another coffee companion for your road trip. Dare I say it, I find the Brew It Stick even more convenient and practical than the Twist Press in that there is little to no washing up and its size means it can fit in any small space. I’m sure you campervan lovers will understand when I say if it doesn’t look tidy, it can’t stay!


 coffee accessories to take on a hike

So, you’re about to hit the road, let’s do one final review of your checklist…


Campervan, check. Road trip itinerary, check. Coffee maker, check. Coffee accessories, incomplete.


Hold the brakes!


You cannot go on a road trip without some cool coffee gadgets to heighten the efficiency and quality of your fresh brew.


I’ve pulled together a list with a few of my favourite, tried and tested, stainless steel coffee accessories that I can now not live without!

Coffee Measuring Spoon

The coffee measuring spoon. Possibly the most underrated, yet most used, piece of equipment in the world of coffee – after all, how else would you transport your freshly ground coffee into your coffee maker?! With your bare hands?! No, let’s keep coffee classy please…


A staple coffee measuring spoon is the key to having a consistent brew, as well as minimising the amount of coffee that ends up on the floor (honestly, try transporting coffee with a standard teaspoon, it’s near to impossible…).


The even better news is that you can match your coffee measuring spoon to your campervan with the choice of three colours: black, copper and steel!


Copper is a personal fave of mine.


Shop Coffee Scoop Spoons

 Drinking coffee lazy in bed with a book

Milk Frothing Jugs

What coffee would be complete without some latte art?! A true barista needs a good milk pitcher.


Whether you like oat milk, whole milk or soya milk or a latte, cappuccino or flat white, a milk jug is a necessity. And why not save room in your campervan by doubling up your pitcher to be a cutlery pot or flower vase?!


(Quick disclosure: Maybe pull up in a layby for the frothing of your milk – pouring milk on the move never ends well!)


Shop Milk Pitchers


Coffee Bag Clips

Coffee bag clips, another road trip essential of mine.


Whilst the paper clip on the bedside table or the hair tie on your wrist may contend to keep your newly opened bag of coffee closed, neither will look particularly pretty or keep the coffee airtight enough for freshness (and after all, that is your last, beloved scrunchie).


Step up your game, treat your coffee with the respect it deserves and invest in some real coffee bag clips. You can thank me later for the infinite fresh cups of coffee.



Insulated Coffee Mugs

Okay, in hindsight, this accessory probably should’ve been mentioned first in my list, seeing as there would be no ‘cup’ of coffee without the cup itself but I’m sure you’ve already worked that out.

My absolute favourite is this Rivers coffee cup, available in 2 sizes. I've got the 350ml cappuccino size which is perfect for my flat white. The cups are textured, making them easier to hold and more comfortable in your hands. The best part is the shape has been designed to mimic your standard takeaway coffee cup, so baristas everywhere should be able to give you some cracking latte art in this!


Twist Press compact coffee maker

For me, unless the mug needs two hands to hold, it doesn’t count. I like my coffee, and A LOT of it. The hotter the better too, I can’t stand cold coffee. That is why all of my campervan mugs are very large and very well insulated (although the insulated part is fairly pointless when the coffee is gone within 10 seconds of pouring it).



Cocoa Stencils

This final coffee accessory idea is purely because I’m feeling extra boujee whilst I’m writing this.


Coffee stencils. By no means a necessity for making a good cup of coffee but definitely an added touch for when you want to use cocoa powder to write ‘Hot Stuff’ on a cappuccino for your crush. Big brownie points. (From personal experience, I would not advise using that same stencil on the coffee you make for the boiler man).


Now we’ve got the accessories sorted and your checklist is complete, the road trip can properly begin…


Happy holidays!

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