5 Things to do When it's Raining in Dorset

We've all been there. 


It's Friday evening, the end of a long working week and the weekend is on the horizon. You have your heart set on a couple of days filled with laughter, friends and glorious sunshine.  


Saturday morning comes around and you're opening the curtains in your dressing gown with a cup of fresh coffee in hand. You adjust your eyes in preparation for the glorious rays of sunshi- 


It's raining.  


And it's raining a lot.  


After a big sigh and the contemplation of packing up and moving to Mali (the hottest country in the world), you begin to rack your brains for any way to fill up your Saturday that might possibly lift your spirits. And whilst a day of binge-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and eating takeaways does sound very appealing, there is a limit to how many Chinese's you can stomach in the space of a month (trust me, I've learnt the hard way) 


After finding myself in this blank situation one too many times (you know how much it rains in England...), I have resorted to the Notes page in my phone to make a list of things to do when it rains in Dorset. And I'm sharing it with you today so that you too, will never have to feel lost on a Saturday again. 


Keep reading for my 5 top things to do in Dorset when it's raining cats and dogs.  


Number 1: Bake. Bake. And more baking.  



Easily my first go-to when I'm having a day stuck inside.  


Cooking and eating. What could be better?! 

 Baking in Dorset when its raining


Whether it's creating Mini Bakewell TartsPeanut Butter Flapjacks or Biscoff Cupcakes, baking is my favourite way to pass the time and the best way to feel like you've actually achieved something on a rainy day. I have also found it a very useful way to resolve domestics with flat mates or a great bribe to get a cheeky fiver off the plumbers bill (thank me later) 


Number 2: Participate in a Coffee Shop Crawl 

Whilst on the topic of cakes and baked goods, I should introduce you to my latest idea, the 'Coffee Shop Crawl'. 


You got it. Exactly the same concept as the classic Pub Crawl ("a round of visits to a number of bars in succession") but in local Coffee Shops instead of Pubs, and with coffee instead of beer.  


On the rainy days that I choose this activity, I start by planning out my route. I simply print a map of my local area and circle every coffee shop within a 2-mile radius. I have a few regular ones that are a MUST for me: 

 barista and co ringwood coffee shop


I should mention, this idea does involve endless amounts of caffeine so only participate if you're up for an all-nighter (oh, and potentially the shakes and some jitters).  


Don't forget your brolly! 


Number 3: Shop 'till you drop 

If you're anything like me, this is probably one for a rainy day as close to Pay Day as possible.  


And need I explain the act of shopping?! (If the answer is yes then I'm afraid we really can’t be friends). 


But here's a definition just in case you're unsure: 


"The act of buying a whole lot of things you don't really need to impress a whole lot of people you don't really like with a whole lot of money you don't really have". 

 Shopping in Hampshire


Shopping is my ultimate form of therapy and to be honest, I really don’t need a rainy day as an excuse to do it but it does always help when convincing the other half to come along to act as a clothes horse to hold everything! 


There are plenty of indoor shopping complexes local to Hampshire and Dorset such as West Quay, Dolphin Shopping Centre and Gunwharf Quays. Even if you're not local, Zara is ALWAYS worth the drive. 


Number 4: Create your own Cocktail Masterclass 

The only thing better than shopping is drinking cocktails.  


Get your friends round to your place (obviously make them come to you, it's raining) and spend the afternoon creating weird and wonderful potions with endless spirits and liquors and call them cocktails.  

 make fresh espresso martini at home


Why not step it up a level and create a competition with it?! Everyone brings their own alcohol and has to make a new cocktail. Rules are, there are no rules. All alcohol is allowed. All quantities are allowed. Any mix is allowed.  


The winner is the person with the best-tasting and named cocktail. Share the masterpiece on Barista & Co's cocktail recipe page. Here are a few of my fave: 


Punch in the Mouth.  

Mind Eraser.  

Eye Candy.  


Good luck to anyone who tries this one... oh, and maybe cancel your plans on the Sunday.  


Number 5: Embrace the rain 

I should say, whilst I am not one for getting soaked, there is always the option of fully embracing the rain.  


I'm talking wellies, waterproofs and puddles.  


Perhaps go the full whammy and take the kayak out on the river, after all, you'll be wet anyway... 


WARNING: This is not one for the faint-hearted, do not take this lightly. You may shrink.  

Grab Your Brolly and Go Explore Dorset!

Those are my top 5 options when it comes to a rainy day in Dorset.  


Of course, there are always the classic options like a day out at the aquarium, museum or cinema but I'm sure those are the first things that everyone thinks of when it's raining. And there is absolutely nothing worse than being somewhere heaving when it's raining – the smell of wet dog combined with the stench of sweat comes to mind.  


Avoid this, be different and try one of the 5 ideas in this blog. It will change your life.

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