December's Coffee Shop of The Month

Every month we pick our favourite independent coffee shop in the UK to be our Coffee Shop of The Month.

December's Coffee Shop of The Month goes to Grounded Coffee! Serving eco roasted coffee from their converted Land Rover coffee trucks.

It can be hard to find good quality coffee especially when you live in the middle of nowhere. This is the same thought that Rosie & Jon had when they were on holiday in Dublin 4 years ago. Then came the idea to make coffee accessible to everyone and where their Series III 1976 Land Rover Coffee Truck, Arthur comes in. 

Since converting this Land Rover into their first mobile coffee shop, they have travelled far and wide across the South of England providing excellent coffee to various festivals and events.


Now with a growing fleet of coffee trucks including a Defender 130 2002 Land Rover known as George, a Vintage Rice Trailer and Festival Gazebo business has never been better. 

 So, what about the coffee?  They serve their own blend of Arabica coffee   roasted by Eco Roast. They then take back the waste coffee grounds and   compress into  coffee logs which are used to roast the coffee beans.   Grounded Coffee also collect these logs and sell them on their website as   logs for fireplaces which create an amazing aroma of coffee in your home.  


We asked Rosie a few questions about all things coffee… 

What is your most used coffee tool in your trucks?

Rosie:  “Everything we use is really important but probably the coffee machines are the most used”.

What’s your favourite coffee on the menu?

Rosie:  “I love a flat white and we’ve just started serving coconut milk so a mocha with coconut milk is really nice too”.

Do you have any gadgets or tools that are new to the industry that you’re excited about?

Rosie  “The Brew It Stick. They’re awesome! We’ve just started selling them and have already sold out”.

Do you have any top tips for anyone who’s new to the barista world?

Rosie  “I love doing latte art and a good jug makes all the difference. I like a smaller jug with a larger spout. Also, the pressure of the steam wand is important to make the right texture – the right tools matter”.

If you’re as excited about Grounded-Coffee as we are, you can visit their stand at Salisbury Christmas market everyday until Christmas Eve or head over to their website for more information on bookings and events.

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