February's Coffee Shop Of The Month

Every month, we choose our favourite independent coffee shop in the UK to be our Coffee Shop of The Month.

February’s Coffee Shop of The Month goes to Crediton Coffee Company! A family run coffee shop with in-house roaster, based in Crediton, Devon.

Founder, Andrew started the company in 2011 with one mission in mind: to create a coffee roastery that shortens the lines between ‘bean to cup’. It all started with the idea of bringing back the in-store coffee roaster, a tradition dating back to the English Coffeehouses in 17th and 18th Century. After the success of their 1st day of business, Andrew decided to add seating, for his customers to relax as they watch the roaster in action.

As a company, Crediton Coffee are focused on improving the perception of coffee by sparking an interest and appreciation for a quality brew. Head roaster and Andrew’s son, Daniel runs the coffee shop and focuses on the 6 different single origin roasts available at the brewing bar, where coffee geeks can experiment with flavours and brewing methods to create their perfect cup.


A few years on and not only have they added freshly baked cakes (handmade by Andrew’s wife, Carole) but also homemade soups are now on the menu. You can also pick up a couple of bags of roasted coffee beans online or from local pubs, hotels and mobile cafés in the area.

We asked Daniel a few questions on all things coffee…

What’s your personal favourite on the menu?

Daniel: “I like to have a cappuccino in the morning and a flat white in the afternoon".

What’s the crowd favourite?

Daniel: “It used to be Latte but recently it’s changed to a flat white”.

What’s your most used/favourite tool used at Crediton Coffee?

Daniel: “The grinder is the most used tool as we grind fresh coffee for every brew. The roaster is my favourite but that’s my primary job. It’s the first thing I turn on in the morning and last thing to turn off at the end of the day".

Are there any up and coming tools that you’re excited about?

Daniel: “I’m always looking for new brewing equipment. a new design for a filter or dripper”.

Do you have any barista top tips?

Daniel: “One thing I keep saying is people always seem to assume dark roast coffee makes the best espresso. It’s better to focus on single origin roasted coffee. It’s important to experiment with new origins and be open to trying something different. But this is coming from a roaster… As a barista, milk is important. We’ve found the best to use is whole, organic, unhomogenised milk.

I would say the biggest part of my job is education. I go to local groups teaching coffee history, host brewing lessons and cupping evenings”.

If your heading to the Mid-Devon area, Crediton Coffee is definitely worth a visit or check out their website and order a bag of coffee to enjoy at home.

Unit 1, Market Square House
Market Street
EX17 2BN

Opening Hours:

Monday    - Friday  8am – 5pm
Saturday  -  9am – 5pm
Sunday     -   Closed
Also Closed on Bank Holidays

https://www.creditoncoffee.co.uk/         Facebook          Instagram

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