Here's how to get Your Hands on a Free Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Don't miss your opportunity to win a Barista & Co t-shirt (don't worry, the marketing team won't be signing it). In case you've missed the headline news, Barista & Co are now on TikTok! And we're giving away 10 super fresh t-shirts to random people that follow us before the end of August. You've got 5 days left, what are you waiting for? 


Go to TikTok ➡ 


For those of you that don't quite know what TikTok is yet, consider yourselves lucky. Basically, it's an app you download on your phone that consumes all of your waking life (and most of your sleeping life to). Short video clips between 7 seconds and 3 minutes that you can scroll through at your own leisure. 


So what can you expect from Barista & Co on TikTok? Mostly us (or Beth and Natalka) humiliating themselves to be honest. We don't for one second pretend to be experts when it comes to being hilarious on TikTok, but we do try to put a somewhat smile on your faces. 


Before anyone gets any ideas, I'd like to make you all aware that we're filming these ourselves. By no means are we videographers. We've barely got a Media Studies GCSE between us and our team are way too busy roasting and tasting super fresh coffee to keep up with what's trending now. Isn't that right Beth? Just kidding of course, we spend as much time on TikTok as you'd expect a team of millennials and gen z's to do.  


We're not scared of lions or tigers or bears but we are scared of missing a trend and ruining our marketing careers and brand reputation... 


With all that being said, the marketing team have done a pretty good job at cobbling some footage together in our brand new showroom. It's easy to find stuff to film when our range of coffee makers are so stunning and we get a fresh drop of coffee every week. Good job on the branding Danny.  


It's not just Barista & Co coffee and coffee makers though. It's delicious coffee recipes. Fun facts about the roasting process. Latte art. More latte art. Weird sketches. Funny dances. Even more latte art. A fair amount of Dhan Tamang. 


For those of you not on TikTok, fear not. I know that you're extremely disappointed to be missing out. Okay, at least pretend to be disappointed. You can still access some of our best content on Instagram so make sure you're following us on there. 


Plus, we give out free t-shirts to anyone that tags us so it's much easier to get your hands on one this way! (Shh) 


If you're here for the recipes then look no further than our digital recipe book. Our most recent achievement, we've cobbled together some of the best coffee recipes that we've tried including hot and cold coffee drinks, cocktails, desserts and breakfast ideas! 


Even better, the Barista & Co Community have contributed loads of their own ideas as well. Take a look at this Chocolate and Banana Espresso Rumtini recipe from our Friend Mark. If you’d like to contribute a recipe then send your suggestions to our Community Manager Beth by emailing her: 


To summarise what we've covered in this blog so far – you can ge your hands on a 100% organic cotton dial in t-shirt if you follow Barista & Co on TikTok in the next 5 days. Quick. Go now and create an account.  


Or, follow us on Instagram and tag us in your coffee pics! Bonus points if you're using our coffee and our coffee makers! We'll send you a message directly to get your size and address to get you a t-shirt sent out. It's easier to create a TikTok account, but you're guaranteed a t-shirt through Instagram so your choice... 


Last but not least, you can still access all our best content on the website, whether it's recipes, coffee ratios or blog posts. Make sure you're on our mailing list to be updated when we publish fresh content! 


Hopefully we'll be seeing your name on our follower list very soon. And best of luck to all those gunning for the t-shirt! 

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