Introducing: The AW18 Collection

We are delighted to finally introduce the Barista & Co AW18 collection!

As a company, we pride ourselves on making only the finest products. However, this doesn’t mean that we believe coffee should be an exclusive member’s club. On the contrary, we take inspiration from our customers so that we can give people a chance to enjoy a coffee experience that suits their lifestyle. That’s why we have created two different ranges, the Beautifully Crafted Collection and the Made Simple Collection…


Beautifully Crafted Collection

The Beautifully Crafted range combines premium materials with ergonomic, elegant and timeless design so you can craft your perfect cup of coffee. The range come with an extended warranty and lifetime service support, so you can be confident you are buying a product of outstanding quality. Made for those occasions when you need a little understated luxury or want to take the time to enjoy your coffee.


Made Simple Collection

The Made Simple range was designed with many different types of consumers in mind. All the unique tools make preparation of better coffee easy and hassle free. Simple to use and effortlessly stylish, it’s a contemporary range that will help you to start the journey towards truly excellent coffee.


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