January's Coffee Shop of The Month

Every month, we choose our favourite independent coffee shop in the UK to be our Coffee Shop of The Month.

January’s Coffee Shop of The Month goes to Perky Blenders! Speciality coffee roasters based in East London.

Formed in 2015, Perky Blenders is a family-owned, speciality grade coffee roasting company created with the aim to share their knowledge and love for coffee. Yes, you may recognise the name from the popular BBC show however rather than causing havoc in the streets of Birmingham, these guys started on the streets serving locally roasted coffee out of their converted 3 wheeled Piaggio Ape in London. 

A few years on, they’ve come a long way with almost 4 cafés within the Waltham Forest Borough and roasting for themselves on a 1kg Toper industrial coffee roaster. Now supplying over 50 stores including Fenwick of Bond Street, Big Chill and award winning Eat17 Spar Shops. They have also introduced a subscription service with prices starting from just £8.00! You can choose from 4 blends delivered weekly, monthly or yearly or you can customise your subscription, creating the perfect gift for all your coffee-loving friends.

We asked Lorenzo, the Head of Coffee a few questions on all things coffee…

As Head of Coffee, tell us a little bit about your role at Perky Blenders.

Lorenzo: “I’m responsible for Barista training and I’ve completed the SCA course (Speciality Coffee Association) so we run training in house”

What’s your favourite coffee on the menu?

Lorenzo: “It depends on my mood but mainly I drink espresso. I like to try anything and everything. Every time we change a blend, it’s good to try it and find the best way to serve it. It’s all about finding the balance”.

Do you have any tips for new barista’s?

Lorenzo: “Get used to trying as many coffees as possible and create your own palate. Do a lot of studying so you learn to know what a origin should bring what flavour”.

What’s your most used/favourite tool?

Lorenzo: “We use a lot of milk jugs and the Barista&Co ones are very good. I’ve started using the Corral French Press as well which is good. I’m trying new brewing methods to get the most out of the coffee”.

Perky Blenders is definitely worth a visit! For more information head over to their website, Facebook or Instagram.

Perky Blenders Roastery
10 Acacia Business Centre, 
Howard Road, 
London. E11 3PJ

Perky Blenders @ Leytonstone Station
Church Lane, Leytonstone,
London, E11 1HE
0203 8686386 + 711

Perky Blenders @ Project 660
660 High Road, Leyton,
London, E10 6JP
0203 8686386 + 710

Perky Blenders @ The Magistrates
1 Farnan Avenue,
London, E17 4NX
0203 8686386 + 712

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