June's Coffee Shop Of The Month

Every month, we choose our favourite independent coffee shop in the UK to be our Coffee Shop of The Month. 

June’s Coffee Shop of The Month goes to Rosslyn Coffee! A new addition to London’s coffee scene located on the busy Queen Victoria Street.

Founders, James Henneby and Mat Russell were working with Caravan Coffee Roasters advising some of the UK’s leading coffee shops on how to establish and operate a successful operation. In 2018 they decided to give it a go themselves and set up their own coffee shop named Rosslyn.

At Rosslyn, they’re “only concerned with what tastes good and serving it in a warm, friendly environment” - something that is definitely apparent when you step in. With an open and welcoming atmosphere which is complemented by the aesthetics of the shop providing a contemporary but unpretentious setting. The perfect place to pick up your morning brew or meet friends and sit outside watching the world go by.


We asked founder, James a few questions on all things Rosslyn…

Firstly, how did you get into coffee?
“I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the craft of coffee, even before I started drinking it. You could say I started taking it seriously as a career when I was living in Melbourne”

What’s your favourite coffee at Rosslyn Coffee right now?
“That changes from day to day and what mood I’m in. Most recently I had a delicious Washed Colombian roasted by one of our suppliers, Colonna Coffee, in their shop in Bath. At the moment we also have an incredible Ethiopian from Bonanza Coffee Roasters in Berlin”

Plans for the future?
“To create multiple welcoming spaces presenting some of the worlds leading roasters in an accessible and friendly environment. We believe that exceptional doesn’t need to be exclusive or snooty”

What's your most used tool/favourite tool to use?
“Our Marco SP9 automated brewers allow us to offer some of the finest coffees in the world in a consistent, repeatable and speedy manner, even at peak times”

Are there any up and coming tools/gadgets your excited about?
“We are excited about a few things that a yet to launch however, I’m sorry to say, we are sworn to secrecy!!”

Anything tips for new baristas?
“Get the basics right first: speed, consistency and accuracy. And always always be courteous to and have empathy for your customer”

What’s your top tip?
“Concentrate on the basics, nail them and you are already better than the majority out there”

Check Rosslyn Coffee out for yourself! Head over to 78 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4N 4SJ. 

Opening Hours:
Monday    - Friday: 06:30-17:00
Saturday  -  09:00-16:00


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