March's Coffee Shop of The Month

Every month, we choose our favourite independent coffee shop in the UK to be our Coffee Shop of The Month.

March’s Coffee Shop of The Month goes to Kiss The Hippo. Richmond’s newest arrival in speciality coffee founded by entrepreneur, Can Eren.

Founded in 2018, Kiss The Hippo is devoted to creating “the ultimate coffee experience”. Using a Loring S-15 roaster, one of the most environmentally friendly roasting machine, they are dedicated to innovative and sustainable solutions with clean and green living central to their ethos.


We spoke to Joshua Tarlo, the Head of Coffee to talk all things Kiss The Hippo…

Tell me a bit about yourself…

“I’m the Head of Coffee overlooking everything roastery and cafe. I started in January so fresh to it and all and really excited.”

How did you get into the world of coffee?

“It was my first job at 16. I started in a café back in my home town and headed from there to eventually work in Australia and then soon to the UK.”

What’s your favourite coffee?

“Right now, I’ve been loving a new coffee we will soon release from Mauricio Shattah who has a farm in Colombia where he grew an amazing anaerobic natural gesha.”

What about Kiss The Hippo? How did it all start?

“It opened up just about 10 months ago. It was born out of the owner, Can's love of coffee that grew over the years from visiting shops around the world in his old career.”

Plans for the future?

“We really just want to focus on creating delicious coffee and food. We are hoping to have another site or two in the coming years and supply other great hospitality spaces.”

Your most used/favourite tool?

“A reliable scale, a kettle, a solid grinder, a pour over and a filter.”

 Do you have any top tips for anyone new to the barista world?

"If you decide to make coffee a career always look at it without pretentiousness and open to everything. All the quality is made at the farm level so always make sure you appreciate the shoulders the industry stands on.

Coffee is amazing, but people are better. If a coffee lets you connect with people in the chain or with the people, your drinking it with than it’s great coffee."

Take a break and head over to Kiss The Hippo or for more information, check out their website, Facebook or Instagram.

50 George Street

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