November's Coffee Shop of the Month


Looking for the best coffee shops in the UK? Introducing Coffee Shop of the Month, our newest feature on our Journal. Every month our team will be picking out their favourite coffee shop and one will be featured as our Coffee Shop of the Month.

November’s Coffee Shop of the Month goes to Café Boscanova! A quirky, vibrant café at the heart of Dorset’s coffee scene.

I sat down with owners, Richard Slade & Kate Rice-Smith to talk all things Boscanova…

So, tell me a bit about yourselves…

Richard:  “We both met in Romsey after working in a pub for around 3 or 4 years. Then Kate moved to Australia for 10 years and managed a few different venues while I stayed in England and worked in different places and helped start up different restaurants and now we’re here together

How long has Café Boscanova been around for?

Richard:  “Since 2007 so it’s been 11 years.

What’s your personal favourite on the menu?

Kate: “I think I like the Red Eye. It’s basically a filter coffee with a double shot of espresso on top so it’s a super, super strong coffee. People love it, they come here just for it.”

Richard:  “I change daily. I mix it up everyday. I had a double espresso today. I like an oat latte or coconut latte, cappuccino, flat white so you know what ever I feel like having that day

Kate:  “Our espresso we use here is really good for people who are new to coffee because it’s really caramelly and chocolatey, so it’s sweet and not much bitterness to it at all.

What’s the main thing customers say about Boscacova?

Richard:  “Quirky!”.

Kate:  “I think people love it here because all the people that work are super, super friendly and it’s like walking into a friend’s house. You sit down and it’s really welcoming and that’s the main vibe that we’re going for.” 

What does the future hold?

Richard: “The magic question. We’re looking at possibly opening another café sometime next year but we’re not sure where yet. 

What’s your top tool? Do you have a favourite milk jug you like to use or gadget you always go to?

Kate: “We’ve got so many milk jugs but I do have a favourite milk jug that has the right sort of pour. We’ve got a really good machine with a steam wand that I like using.

Have you seen any up and coming tools or gadgets that you’re getting excited about?

Kate: “Actually, part of your range, the Twist Press, that looks really cool. We don’t currently do any of the other brew methods here. We do filter coffee but we don’t do drip coffee or anything just because it gets quite busy and it would be too much to keep up with it but the Twist Press would work out really well.”

Do you have any top tips for anyone new to the barista world?

Kate: “I think probably a good tip is to not worry about the latte art at first it’s more important to perfect the espresso itself first and get the milk right then work on your latte art.”

Café Boscanova is definitely worth a visit!  For more information head over to their website, Facebook or Instagram.

650 Christchurch Rd,

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