One Brew Coffee and Tea Maker Tutorial [video 2022]

Hi everyone. I’m James from Barista & Co. Today I’m going to show you how to make the perfect hot coffee using the One Brew 4 in 1 tea and coffee maker. All you need is some course ground coffee, your One Brew, boiled water and your scoop measuring spoon.
Add a heaped scoop of course ground coffee to your One Brew beaker and give it a shake to flatten the bed of coffee. Add a small amount of water so it covers the coffee, and this lets it bloom. Leave it to bloom for 30 seconds and then top up to the maximum fill line with your hot water.
Give it a good stir and insert your filter lid. Ensure that the seals touch the glass on the way down. Now all you need to do is leave it to brew for 7 minutes. Once 7 minutes has passed, slowly pick up your One Brew and pour into your cup.
Initially you want to hang the One Brew from your fingers so it’s pouring very slowly into the cup. It’s very important to remember that the One Brew uses time to brew, and you need to allow the coffee to settle at the bottom of the One Brew.
If you pick it up too quickly or pour too quickly, it prevents that process from working.
In total, it should take around 30 seconds to pour your fresh coffee from the One Brew.
Cleaning the One Brew couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is remove the filter lid, give the coffee and water that’s still within the jug a stir and pour back through the filter lid once it’s in the sink. Rinse again and you’re done.
Enjoy your One Brew coffee. Cheers.

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