The Barista & Co Christmas Gift Guide 2018

We all know that feeling. The ‘oh, not another pair of socks’ feeling. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a new pair of socks for Christmas, in fact it might be just what you asked for but it’s always nice to receive something a bit more special.

It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what you want for Christmas and the same goes for choosing what gifts to get for our friends and family. We may know what they like but what would really make them smile on Christmas day? So where do you begin?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life or then next cutting-edge gadgets for the coffee obsessed, we’ve got you covered…


 Our Top 6 Gift List:

1. The One Brew, £26.99
The OneBrew is the easiest way to brew a perfect, fresh coffee. An essential for any coffee/tea lover who enjoys the taste of French Press-style coffee, but doesn't enjoy the hassle.
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2. The Brew It Stick, £14.99
Our Brew It Stick Coffee Infuser is the perfect choice for those who are new to coffee brewing or those who have limited time on their hands. This is a tool that will certainly convert instant coffee drinkers to better coffee.
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3. Corral Coffee Press, £49.95
The Corral Coffee Press is a statement piece made for those occasions when you need a little understated luxury or you want to take the time to enjoy your coffee.
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4. Metal Frame Cups, £18.99
This set of two is perfect to enjoy a morning coffee or cup of tea, whilst adding a stylish finish to any setting. With complementing accessories available separately, transform a setting or gift to a loved one.
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5. The BrewThru, £27.99
The BrewThru Coffee Dripper uses the same brewing method as a pour over, but instead of an uncontrolled drip and no steeping, the BrewThru's one-way valve allows the coffee to steep for a desired amount of time to create a stronger brew, and lets you chose when to drip.
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6. Milk Frother, £23.99
This Milk Frother will make your creamy lattes and fluffy cappuccinos in minutes.  A quick and easy way to make delicious hot beverages in the home.
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