Which Brew Is Right For You?


We know everyone has different tastes when it comes to coffee, so why settle for French Press? It's time this tradition changed. The Barista & Co range has been developed to compliment the variety and versatility of fresh coffee blends and allows anyone to find a suitable coffee maker all in one place.

Whether our home baristas enjoy a convenient, light brew or a strong espresso-style speciality coffee, our Strength Scale makes it easy to find your perfect brew...


Looking for a lighter brew?

Brew Type: Infusion
Strength: 1 
2 3

The Brew It Stick is the perfect choice for making a great cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. This portable and easy to clean infusion method has the convenience of instant but the taste of fresh coffee.



A happy medium?

Brew Type: French Press
1 2 3

The classic French Press is the ideal choice for an aromatic coffee with medium depth and consistency.


Brew Type: French Press Style
Strength: 1 2 3
Grind: Medium-Coarse

Need something with greater convenience? The One Brew is for busy coffee lovers who love pressed coffee but don't enjoy the hassle. We removed the press and replaced with a patent pending filter that makes preparation, sediment disposal and cleaning simple and easy. 


Brew Type: Pour Over
Strength: 1 2 3
Grind: Fine

Pour Over coffee is very clean and full of flavour without bitterness. 
There can be little doubt preparing the perfect pour over takes a little care and attention, but the reward is a moment to take pride in the brew you are making by hand.


In the mood for something stronger?

Brew Type: Espresso Style
1 2 3

Introducing the Twist Press (as seen on Kickstarter)

Featuring never seen before technology, our patent pending Twist Press is set to revolutionise the coffee brewing industry. The unique device produces high quality, freshly brewed coffee in as little as 30 seconds. A simple twist motion presses concentrated coffee in to your cup to create a very clean, smooth coffee.


Twist Press - Coming Soon. 
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 For more brewing tips, check out our Brewing Guide or if you have any questions about which brewing method is right for you, please get in touch.

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