Brew Box 2.0 | Brewer Deep Clean

When it comes to the cleaning of your Brew Box, it should only be done by those who have undergone training by the staff at Barista & Co. This will ensure the process is done thoroughly and safely.  


To start, hold down the middle sensor icon for 3 seconds to bring up the Settings Menu. Press the Service Menu icon which will take you to the next screen. 


The Brew Box will ask for a password at this stage. Simply type in the following 4-digit number: 1609. 


Once the password has been inputted correctly, the service menu will appear. Select the Maintenance option which appears at the top of the list. 


Select Brewer Deep Clean on the next screen. This will give you a 30 second countdown or you can select OK to speed up this process. 


The Brew Box will then offer instructions on the screen for the next steps.  


  1. Empty the drip tray and coffee grounds into a compost or bin 
  2. Once rinsed and cleaned, insert the drip tray back into the Brew Box 
  3. Press OK on the screen to continue to the next step 


The machine will start the next step automatically, this will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 


The Brew Box will continue with following instructions once this process has finished. 


It will ask for a cleaning tablet to be placed in the tablet channel. With the Brew Box, this step can be skipped as the system automatically regularly washes the brew chamber with water, meaning the cleaning tablet is unnecessary. 


Press OK to start the clean.  


Whilst it is cleaning, it may indicate a beep; this is to tell the user the machine is in action.  


Once the clean is complete, simply empty the water and grounds container again to remove the cleaning solution. 


Give the tray a rinse and dry and pop back into the Brew Box machine. Press OK on the screen to end the cleaning process and return to the Home Screen.