How to Descale the Brew Box 2.0

When it comes to the cleaning of your Brew Box, it should only be done by those who have undergone training by the staff at Barista & Co. This will ensure the process is done thoroughly and safely.  


The descaling of your Brew Box machine needs to be done monthly to keep it functioning well.  


To start this process, you will need a pair of gloves and a descaling tablet.  


Hold down the middle sensor icon for 3 seconds to bring up the Settings Menu. Press the Service Menu icon which will take you to the next screen. 


The Brew Box will ask for a password at this stage. Simply type in the following 4-digit number: 1609. 


Once the password has been inputted correctly, the service menu will appear. Select the Maintenance option which appears at the top of the list. 


Select Descaling on the next screen and press OK. The Brew Box will then display instructions on the screen for the next steps.  

  1. Fill up the water tank with approximately one litre with water 
  2. Put your gloves on 
  3. Add descaling tablet into the water tank  
  4. Press OK on the main screen to continue 

The machine will then start the descaling process. It will take around 30 minutes to complete this task. 


It may beep every now and again; this is just the machine letting you know it is performing the function.  


Once the descaling process is complete, the system needs to be rinsed using fresh water.  


Empty and refill the water tank with one and a half litres of fresh water and press OK on the main screen. This will take a further 10 minutes to complete this action. 


Once your descaling is complete, press OK and this will take you back to the homepage.