Barista & Co Tax In on Increasing Demand for Carbon Neutral Coffee Hardware

Barista & Co are the first UK company to bring 100% carbon neutral coffee makers and accessories to the UK. Based in Wimborne, with a new coffee showroom due to open in Ringwood, the coffee specialists are proud to be leading the way in sustainable, ethically-sourced and fresh coffee and kit. 


The coffee roasters and hardware specialists have developed a unique collection of coffee makers, designed for home, work and play. Their range can be found in Lakeland, Waitrose, Selfridges and more than 100 other independent retailers across the UK. 


Ethics have always been at the core of the company. James Gray, Founder, discovered a passion for specialty coffee when sampling many different single origins from street sellers in Hanoi. He knew he wanted to bring a bit of this experience back to the UK – but he knew he had to go about it in a way that benefited everyone from the farmers to the person taking the final sip. 

Ethically-Sourced Coffee 

Barista & Co quickly came to terms with sourcing the right coffee beans, not only delicious and high grade but also from small, community led farms. James then took time deciding on the right packaging. We all know there are coffee brands showing off about their compostable pods, but not many people know where their nearest commercial compost facility is which leads to many of these items going straight to landfill.  


Barista & Co use 100% recyclable packaging (just put it in the green bin). They also deliver in 350g bags, 40% larger than competitors. This helps reduce the number of deliveries being made. While they go to great lengths to carbon-offset every delivery, their coffee subscription customers appreciate the larger bags, better value and less frequent deliveries. 


But Barista & Co didn’t want to draw the line at coffee. They believe everything you need to brew fresh at home should have as little negative impact on the planet as possible. Working closely with their partners in China to source the best eco-friendly materials, offsetting carbon emissions from all freight transport and completely removing single-use plastics from their full product range and packaging has helped them achieve just that. 

Carbon Neutral Coffee Makers 

We all know what state the world is in, and we all know we should be doing more to reverse years of damage caused by astronomical carbon emissions and mass production of single use plastics. Banning plastic straws was the start, but it is nowhere near enough. 


The average person living in the UK drinks 2 cups of coffee a day. Barista & Co have inside knowledge of how fast this market is growing, and the worldwide lockdowns only increased demands for popular home coffee makers such as cafetieres, pour overs and other manual brewers. 


Once they knew they had coffee doing it right, James and his team turned their attention to their coffee makers and the rest of their product line. Today, Barista & Co are proud to announce that they are the first UK company to offer 100% carbon-neutral coffee makers and accessories to the market. 


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Plastic Free Coffee Press

A staple in many UK homes, cafetiere’s have seen a huge increase in demand as people were forced to abandon their office coffee machines and work from their kitchen tables. Barista & Co’s Core Coffee Press has been featured in several national titles and was a statement product at the recent London Coffee Festival. 

Not only is it sleek and stylish compared to similar products on the market, Barista & Co have completely removed any trace of plastic or silicone from this range. The Core Coffee Press is manufactured in China using stainless steel and borosilicate glass (which prevents any risk associated with heating or cooling the coffee maker). 


The Core Coffee Press is available in 4 colours (black, steel, copper and teal) with a brand new white range due to be released in Q3 2022. There are 2 sizes to choose from: 


  • 350ml/3 cup/ 1 mug (retails at £29.99) 
  • 1L/8 cup/3 mug (retails at £39.99) 


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One Brew Tea and Coffee Maker

The One Brew was a Barista & Co invention, born out of love (and a pinch of coffee snobbery). While cafetiere’s have long been in the back of our mums’ cupboards, the idea of over-extracting freshly ground coffee was unheard of in the specialty industry. 

This coffee maker was designed to brew one cup of fresh coffee at home or at work. It’s 350ml size is perfect for one mug at a time and means it’s the perfect size to sit on your desk (whether that’s in an office or in your spare bedroom). 


A lot of specialty coffee roasters use this manual brewer to taste the flavour profiles of new blends – but did you know it can also be used to make cold brew, loose leaf tea and iced tea?  


As well as being carbon neutral (Barista & Co offset carbon emissions throughout the entire process of sourcing materials, manufacturing and transporting the goods), the One Brew has been designed to never throw away. 


Barista & Co sell replacement beakers and replacement filter funnel lids so that when accidents do happen you know where to do. 


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Coffee Accessories

As well as coffee makers, Barista & Co have designed and manufactured a range of barista tools and accessories. The collection has been designed to make brewing fresh coffee at home, work or play easier.  


As with the rest of the product range, all of Barista & Co’s coffee tools and accessories are carbon neutral. 

Coffee Bag Clips 

Stainless steel coffee bag clips in an assortment of colours to help keep your coffee fresh. 


Scoop Measuring Spoon 

Coffee is a science, and once you’ve found a ratio you like it’s best to stick with it. This Scoop Measuring Spoon makes it easier to scoop 15g or 30g of ground coffee at a time for the perfect brew. 

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Cocoa Shaker 

If it doesn’t have a generous dusting of cocoa powder, it’s not a cappuccino. This stainless steel cocoa shaker is stylish and ergonomic, the perfect accessory for a coffee lover. 



Coffee Pod Cage

Made entirely of stainless steel, this coffee pod cage is the perfect way to store Nespresso capsules to keep them tidy.

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