Out of Office: Barista & Co Swap Brewing for Beach Cleaning

Environmentally-conscious coffee and hardware company, Barista & Co, swap a working day in the office for a huge beach clean with all the team. Since establishing in 2010, sustainability has always been in the forefront of Barista & Co's business and they continue to utilise their public-facing platform to help maximise the longevity of our beautiful planet. 


Based in Dorset, between the forest and the sea, Barista & Co's product range is packaged in 100%recyclable materials (down to the label glue!) with all the plastic removed from their most popular items, such as the Classic Sustainably Made Core Coffee Press. The expanding specialty coffee company also offers spare parts for their coffee makers, with a 60 day guarantee, to ensure the life of their products are maximised and wastage is reduced. 


Barista & Co's eco-friendly efforts are not only evident in their products, but also transpired through the entirety of their services. Having recently made the switch to electric vehicles, the company has considerably lowered their emissions and are proud to be advocates for the renewable energy solution. The journey of their products is also no exception to Barista & Co's sustainability pact, as they use green energy providers and ensure an entirely carbon neutral approach. 


Eager to maintain their green-fingered reputation and contribute further to their local environment, Barista & Co are organising a huge beach clean along the Dorset coast at the end of the month. The entire team will be out of the office for the day and Barista & Co are inviting members of the public to go and join them. Cleaner beaches equal a brighter future.