How to Grow your Instagram Following in 2023

As social media continues to become more and more saturated, it can be hard to grow your business account at the pace you’d like. Instagram especially can be overwhelming and frustrating when it doesn’t work, particularly when you’ve put time and effort into optimising a piece of content.  


With the ever-changing algorithm and new updates on Instagram, what works for you one day may absolutely flop the next. It’s important not to let this get to you and continue to experiment with new creations. 


I’ve put together a few of my favourite top tips on how we grew our following: 

Optimise your profile 

A key factor to growing your following, is to make your profile worthwhile following.  


The accounts which are most progressive are often aesthetically pleasing, offer educational material or have unusual standpoints. No one will be driven to follow an account which doesn’t add something to their pre-existing feed. 


Ensure your photography is of high quality, is a good reflection of your brand and holds some relevance to the caption beneath.  


The caption should serve a purpose too – this is a great place to get across your brand tone of voice, as well as bring in any relevant humour. Users are drawn to accounts which offer comedic value, they are much more likely to engage with this style of content over a serious post, which can appear boring.  


It’s also worth noting that the caption should not be used to pressure the reader into buying your product or services. This can be a turn off to users and can have a negative effect on your following. Avoid phrases like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get Yours Today’ and instead write about the product itself and the ways it will benefit the individual – stay light-hearted and fun. 


Insert a link in your bio for Instagram users to explore your website and shop in their own time. Having this easily accessible in your bio will encourage individuals to click on it, with a great chance of them becoming a valuable customer to your brand. 

Utilise the software 

A good tip to increase the exposure and reach of your content on Instagram is to utilise all the features Instagram has to offer.  


The platform’s algorithm will favour any content which is created from scratch using the specific features it provides. For example, when creating a reel, be sure to capture the clips and edit them on the reel page. Also, utilise the music which Instagram offers; top trending songs are more likely to help your video go viral as other users are searching for these. 

Partner with relevant influencers and brands  

One of the easiest ways to grow your following on mass is by running a huge giveaway on your account in collaboration with other brands.  


By partnering with other accounts, it means your content is doubled (or tripled) in exposure, depending on the combined following you each have. With the call to action being to follow each account for a valid entry in the giveaway, you can be sure that your following will increase.  


Whilst this is a quick and easy way to grow your Instagram following, bear in mind that it’s often the case that individuals will unfollow your account when the giveaway ends – many users are just after the free stuff!  


It is crucial to run the giveaway with brands/influencers that share the same audience and ethos as your own. This will prevent you appearing disingenuous to your current followers and will also increase the quality of new gained followers as they’ll share an interest in products like your own.  

Posting Consistency  

Above all else, keeping your account active, with new, refreshing content is a necessity – this includes posting daily on your story.  


An account without regular posts can seem fake or not worthy of a follow. Be sure to update your following with any news about your brand, make them feel like they’re an important part of your journey too – after all, there is no business without customers!  


Instagram can be a truly daunting platform for any upcoming brand. It can be extremely hard to get noticed and recognised by other users. It takes all takes time. 


Be ready to find your niche and your audience will find you. Enjoy building a great community of supportive and engaging users – good luck!