Our Coffee Grinders

For best results, grind fresh

coffee grinder electric in kitchenBurr coffee grinders perfect from at-home brewing enthusiasts wanting to bring barista-level quality into their lives.
We are firm believers in fresh. That's why we offer super fresh coffee on subscription, roasted just 48 hours before it's posted. It's not just the beans that are fresh though, our coffee making equipment helps you brew fresh at home... take a look at this small copper cafetiere designed to help you level-up your at-home coffee game. 
Now, we've even come up with the ultimate coffee grinder to help you grind fresh at home. We all know fresh is best, so take a look to see if it's for you.
One of the things we'd love to mention is we also sell spare parts and repairs for your coffee grinder so you'll never have to get rid of it! Everything from the burr grinder replacement to the portafilter cradle can be sent to you on a 48 hour tracked delivery.
This coffee bean grinder has featured in national press and most recently won the Excellence in Housewares Awards.