Barista Pro Pitcher FAQs

What's the gauge of this milk frothing jug? The Barista Pro Pitcher offers a 0.7mm gauge. This ultra-thin design keeps the jug lightweight and practical, making it easier to pour coffee art.

What is the spout-to-handle alignment accuracy? Our milk pitchers go through intensive quality control before being listed on our website. The Barista Pro Pitcher offers an almost perfect spout-to-handle alignment, with a +/-1mm allowance. This makes it easier to pour precision latte art. 

Is the Barista Pro Pitcher dishwasher safe? This milk frothing jug is made from medical grade stainless steel which is rust resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher. However, as with any product, to increase your milk jugs life span we'd recommend handwashing.

Does this milk frothing jug have internal measure marks? Yes. The Barista Pro Pitcher has internal measuring marks at 100ml intervals so you can froth the correct amount of milk for the coffee beverage you're making.

Does Dhan Tamang use this milk frothing jug in competitions? Yes. This is the jug Dhan Tamang uses at all his latte art competitions. See him in action over on his Instagram.