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using the strong brew coffee maker
Why Barista & Co Coffee Makers?

Modern Luxury

We all have a preference when it comes to the type of coffee we enjoy. Our coffee makers sit at different points on our Brew Guide scale so you can make the coffee you enjpy at home, work or on the go.

Why Barista & Co Coffee Makers?

Designed in the UK

Based in Ringwood, Hampshire, our coffee makers and accessories are designed and tested in the UK. Our team of coffee lovers put each brewer to the test and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Why Barista & Co Coffee Makers?

Patented Technology

When we launched Barista & Co, our mission was to make it easier for everyone to drink specialty coffee at home. That meant starting from the drawing board. The coffee makers in our Brew Guide sit on a strength scale so you can find the brewer that suits your style.

The Barista Journal

Your Coffee, Your Way.

A simple way to brew great tasting coffee, exactly how you like it. Discover how to make the perfect pour over coffee at home.

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Make Cold Coffee at home.

Learn how to brew hot and cold coffee, loose leaf tea and iced tea with the One Brew 4-in-1 coffee maker.

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Meet the Strong Brew.

Like your coffee strong, short and black? Discover the Strong Brew coffee maker - brews 6x stronger than espresso.

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Find Your Coffee Maker.

Over half of the people we spoke to aren't using the right coffee maker to make their preferred style of coffee. Are you?

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