We are proud to supply leading coffee shops, hotels and restaurants with a full service solution.

Our mission is simple, to make sure you get 5 star reviews for your coffee.

This was an initial order of decaffeinated coffee which came very quickly and was was both well packaged for transit and convenient to store in my kitchen cupboard while I enjoy it, which I most certainly am.
I am very impressed with the product and the swift service.

Francis Hyde

Recently signed up for regular coffee. The coffee arrived in good time, nicely packaged and tastes great.

Mr. B Kelly

I have only recently got into drinking coffee but have tried many different brands and this one is a favourite. Great quick service and great product one very happy lady.

Misty Billingham

Purchased a 1kg bag of whole bean, which arrived promptly in sustainable packaging.Coffeetasted great too, which is the most important thing! Great value, great tasting coffee which is sustainable, what’s not to love?


I love my morning espresso and have tried a lot of different. Companies and beans/ roasts. The beans from Barista & co were fabulous! Flavoursome and strong but still mellow and a smashing crema. Highly recommend. Delivery was also swift. I’ll be back for more!

better coffee solutions for horeca business in the uk

Why We're Different ➡

In simple terms, because we genuinely care about your business and take time to get to know you. If you do well, so do we.  

quality coffee beans and machines for hospitality industry

We're Honest ➡

If we think that the quality of coffee isn't right, we will tell you. It's not naming and shaming but part of our focus to make sure you get 5 star reviews for your coffee. 

coffee machine servicing for the hospitality industry

In-house Servicing ➡

Many roasters and machine suppliers use 3rd party service engineers, we don't. Our team are trained by our machine partners so we can react quickly if problems occur.

selective distribution of coffee beans and coffee machines to partners across the uk

Selective Distribution ➡

We believe in supporting our partners and understand how import it is to have a point of difference with excellent coffee. That means we won't open a new account right beside you. 

We only work with category leading partners

Marco boiler systems for making tea at hotel or restaurants
Barista and Co showroom in Ringwood to try and buy coffee

Step One

After your initial call, we'll get a date booked in for you to visit our coffee showroom in Ringwood or we can come to you!

pricing for horeca coffee

Step Two

We'll put your tailored plan together that meets your needs and suits your budget. Nothing but transparent pricing, always.

Service team installing coffee machine

Step Three

Once agreed, our technical team will be on-site to install your coffee machine and Barista & Co can arrange for comprehensive staff training.

Step Four

We're so confident that you'll love your new coffee machine and your beans, but if not your aftercare team are always on hand to help. From machine servicing to coffee bean advice!

We'll help you grow

Marketing Support

We like getting creative to see if we can work with you to raise the profile of your business and ours. We're less about long and draw out marketing plans but simple ideas to make things happen and get customers in. 

From high-res imagery for your website to Instagram reels and email newsletter swaps, there's no end to what we'll do to make this work for you.

Whole Bean Coffee for Hotels

coffee machines and beans for restaurants
restaurant coffee solutions in the uk

Whole Bean Coffee for Restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can help provide you with the correct equipment based on your needs and help with menu creation and other administrative aspects of the business. We can only work with the information we are given so as much detail as possible will help in the long run and we wouldn't suggest purchasing equipment until you are clear on your goals and needs. 

There isn't one fixed answer for this as it really depends on the nature of your business. To put in context a new 2 group machine can vary in cost from £3000 to £15,000. Bean to cup and automatic solutions vary in price from £1500 to £45,000. The only way we can give an accurate quote is to understand your needs with a call or meeting. We keep our pricing transparent and we will always try to work to your budget or tell you if we can't. 

Yes we can offer leasing through our partner. At the end of the term you then have the option to pay a small administrative charge and you can own the equipment outright. Download our guide to leasing here.

This is generally the case with many restaurants and hotels that we work with and we offer automated solutions with fresh milk that will still deliver a fantastic speciality coffee.

Annual servicing is charge separately although we can put this into a leasing packaging for you so you have one fixed fee every month. If you are buying coffee from us then we will assist with minor repairs and only charge for parts. As a coffee customer your training is also free as are refresher courses for new starters. 

Most machines come with a parts only warranty and the time does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, this will be provided with a quote. It is very important that you look after your equipment as failure to clean and service correctly will invalidate your warranty. 

Yes we do offer this but only after a training session at your premises. We are passionate about the quality of our coffee and want to help ensure that is reflected in the way it is prepared and served.

Absolutely not. We are passionate about the quality of the coffee that is served to customers and we want to ensure that we are the right partners and potential customers have the right equipment and training. In addition we offer geographic exclusivity as we want our partners to be the best in their area. 

As coffee is harvested the price can vary from crop to crop. In recent times the price of coffee has increased significantly and that has led to increases across the market. We are no different however we will always give you at least 3 months' notice of any price increase.