FAQ - bottomless portafilter

What is a bottomless portafilter, and how does it differ from a standard portafilter?

A bottomless portafilter lacks the spouts found in a regular portafilter, allowing a direct view of the coffee extraction process; it promotes even saturation for a superior crema.

Why is even coffee saturation important, and how does the bottomless portafilter achieve this?

Even coffee saturation is crucial for a balanced extraction, and the bottomless portafilter ensures this by allowing the water to flow evenly through the coffee puck after optimal tamping.

Which Profitec machines are compatible with the bottomless portafilter?

The handle is designed to fit Profitec machines within our range, providing compatibility for users seeking an enhanced brewing experience.

What is the significance of the 21g filter included with the bottomless portafilter?

The 21g filter is included to accommodate a larger coffee dose, allowing users to experiment with different coffee-to-water ratios and achieve a more robust flavour profile.

How does using a bottomless portafilter contribute to the production of an excellent crema?

The absence of spouts in the bottomless portafilter encourages a more uniform and controlled extraction process, leading to the creation of a rich and flavourful crema on top of the espresso.