FAQ - burrs

What are conical burrs?

Conical burrs are a type of grinding mechanism used in coffee grinders, featuring two cone-shaped burrs—one stationary and one rotating—that crush and grind coffee beans between them to achieve a consistent and uniform particle size for brewing.

Are conical burrs better than blades?

Conical burrs are generally considered superior to blades for coffee grinding due to their ability to produce a more consistent and uniform grind size, resulting in better extraction and flavour in brewed coffee; blades, on the other hand, can create uneven particle sizes, leading to inconsistent extraction and potentially affecting the taste of the coffee.

Is this spare part compatible with the Core All Grind Plus?

No, the Core All Grind Plus comes with larger hardened steel burrs. If you are unsure which model you have please get in touch with us by email on hello@baristaandco.com.