FAQ - grounds container

Is the ground storage pot airtight?

No, we have designed this grounds container with a UV protected exterior and silicone lid however we can't guarantee it's airtight. To get the best tasting coffee at home, only grind what you need as you need it.

How long can I store ground coffee?

Ideally, you will always grind to serve if you already own an electric coffee grinder. However, if you did need to grind your coffee in advance you can store it in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

Is this spare part compatible with the Core All Grind Plus?

No, the Core All Grind Plus comes with stainless steel dosing cup however if you prefer the original you are welcome to use it for ground coffee storage. If you are unsure which model you have please get in touch with us by email on hello@baristaandco.com.