FAQ - Milk fluid

How does Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaner work?

Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaner effectively breaks down milk protein, fat, and calcium build-up in auto-frothers, traditional steam wands, and steel pitchers.


Where can Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaner be used?

It can be used to clean auto-frothers, traditional steam wands, and steel pitchers, making it a versatile solution for various milk frothing equipment.


How many uses can I get from one bottle of Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaner?

The bottle comes with a built-in measuring device and delivers over 30 uses, providing an economical and long-lasting solution for cleaning.


Is Rinza® suitable for daily cleaning, and how often should I use it?

Rinza® is suitable for daily use. For automatic milk frothers, it is recommended to use the cleaner daily, while for steam wands, a regular cleaning interval of 2-4 weeks is suggested.