FAQ - portafilter cradle

My espresso machine has a 58mm portafilter, will this fit?

Yes, the Core All Grind portafilter cradle is compatible with all portafilters.

I thought the Core All Grind was a filter grinder, why does it come with a portafilter cradle?

It's true that the Core All Grind is an electric coffee grinder with best consistency between 400 - 800 microns (Core Coffee Press, Brew It Stick, Pour Over etc), however it does allow you to grind finer should you wish. It's handy to have a portafilter cradle if you are planning to grind coffee for espresso.

Is this spare part compatible with the Core All Grind Plus?

No, the Core All Grind Plus comes with a 53mm and a 58m portafilter cradle and the original Core All Grind replacement parts are not compatible. If you are unsure which model you have please get in touch with us by email on hello@baristaandco.com.