FAQ - Tamp Mat

What is a tamp mat?

A tamp mat is a specialised accessory used in espresso preparation, providing a stable and clean surface for tamping coffee grounds in the portafilter, ensuring even compression and consistent extraction.

Do you need a tamp mat to make espresso?

No, a tamp mat is not strictly necessary to make espresso, but it can be a helpful accessory to provide stability, cleanliness, and support during the tamping process.

What accessories do you need to make espresso?

To make espresso, you'll typically need the following accessories:

  1. Espresso Machine: The core equipment for brewing espresso, available in various types including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines. We recommend the Profitec GO for home use.

  2. Coffee Grinder: Essential for grinding fresh coffee beans to the fine consistency required for espresso. If you're just getting started, it's worth spending time researching the best grinder for you, we recommend the Core All Grind Plus.

  3. Portafilter: A metal filter basket that holds the coffee grounds during brewing; it attaches to the espresso machine. Typically, this will be sold along with your espresso machine.

  4. Tamper: Used to evenly compress the coffee grounds in the portafilter, crucial for proper extraction. Typically, this will be sold along with your espresso machine.

  5. Scales: Ensures precise measurement of coffee grounds for accurate dosing. While this is not essential, it is recommended while you are learning how to dial in your machine.

  6. Timer: Helps monitor the espresso extraction time, a key factor in achieving the desired flavour. You can use the stopwatch on your watch or smartphone. 

Optional accessories may include a distribution tool (to evenly distribute coffee grounds), and a milk frother or steamer for making milk-based espresso drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.