House Espresso Roast - FAQs

What sizes is Espresso Roast available in? Espresso Roast is available in 350g bags and 1kg bags.

Is the 350g bag available in filter ground or whole bean? The 350g bag is available in filter ground, specifically for manual brewers such as cafetières or Aeropresses.

Is the 1kg bag available in filter ground? No, the 1kg bag is only available in whole bean.

Is Espresso Roast available on subscription? Yes, Espresso Roast is available on subscription. You can choose the frequency of your subscription, with options ranging from every 1 to 8 weeks. By subscribing, you'll save 10% on every delivery.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, with no commitment.

What flavours can I expect from Espresso Roast? Espresso Roast is a dark roast blend, featuring tasting notes of dark chocolate, treacle, and walnut.

What type of coffee drink is Espresso Roast best suited for? Espresso Roast is ideal for espresso shots or milk-based drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos, due to its bold flavour profile.

How do I prepare Espresso Roast for espresso shots? We recommend using a home espresso machine with a portafilter, grinding the coffee beans to a fine consistency and dosing the portafilter with 18-21 grams of ground coffee.

What is the origin of the beans used in Espresso Roast? Espresso Roast is crafted using premium beans from Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Brazil, chosen for their unique flavour profiles and carefully blended to create a rich, complex taste.

What is the difference between single origin and blend coffees? Single origin coffee comes from a specific region or farm, while blend coffee is a mixture of beans from multiple origins. Single origin coffees typically have a more distinct flavour profile, while blends aim to create a consistent taste across different batches.

Which is better: single origin or blend coffee? It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Single origin coffees offer a unique taste that highlights the specific characteristics of the region or farm they come from, while blends aim for consistency and balance. Some coffee lovers prefer the variety and complexity of single origin coffees, while others prefer the reliable taste of blends.

Does Espresso Roast use single origin or blend beans? Espresso Roast is a blend coffee, crafted using premium beans from Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The specific beans are carefully selected and blended to create a rich, complex flavour profile.

Can I taste the individual flavours of each origin in Espresso Roast? While the flavours of each origin are blended together to create a unique taste, you may still be able to detect some individual notes in Espresso Roast. For example, the nuttiness of Brazilian coffee, the sweetness of Ethiopian coffee, and the acidity of Rwandan coffee may all be present in the blend.

If I prefer single origin coffee, should I still try Espresso Roast? Absolutely! While Espresso Roast is a blend coffee, it offers a rich and complex taste profile that may appeal to coffee lovers who enjoy single origin coffees. The dark roast profile and flavour notes of dark chocolate, treacle, and walnut make it a standout choice for anyone who appreciates a full-bodied cup of coffee.

Does whole bean coffee stay fresh for longer? Yes, whole bean coffee typically stays fresh for longer than pre-ground coffee. This is because when coffee beans are left whole, they retain their natural oils and flavours for a longer period of time. Once the beans are ground, the surface area is increased, which exposes more of the oils and flavours to air, light, and moisture. This can lead to oxidation and degradation of the coffee, resulting in a loss of flavour and aroma.