How To - Gift Card

Barista & Co's email-only gift cards offer a convenient and thoughtful way to share the joy of premium coffee accessories with your loved ones. If you've never purchased a gift card before, here's a simple guide to how it works:

  1. Selection:

    • Visit Barista & Co's website and navigate to the gift card section. Choose the desired denomination for your gift card, whether it's £10, £25, £50, £100, or £150.
  2. Purchase:

    • Add the selected gift card to your cart and proceed to checkout. Enter the recipient's email address, your personalized message, and complete the purchase.
  3. Delivery:

    • The gift card will be delivered directly to the recipient's email inbox. This makes it a quick and eco-friendly way to share the Barista & Co experience.
  4. Redemption:

    • The recipient can redeem the gift card by visiting the Barista & Co website and selecting the desired coffee accessories or merchandise.
    • During the checkout process, they will enter the unique code provided in the gift card email.
  5. Flexibility:

    • The email-only gift card gives the recipient the flexibility to choose from Barista & Co's range of high-quality coffee-related products, ensuring they find something they truly love.
  6. Expiration and Balance:

    • Make sure the recipient is aware of any expiration dates associated with the gift card. They can also check their remaining balance by visiting the Barista & Co website.
  7. Personal Touch:

    • Your personalised message adds a thoughtful touch to the gift, making it a special and tailored experience for the recipient.

In summary, Barista & Co's email-only gift cards are a straightforward and delightful way to share the world of exceptional coffee accessories. The recipient receives the gift directly in their inbox, providing them with the joy of choosing their favourite items from Barista & Co's collection.