How to - plunger

The Strong Brew is a strong coffee maker that brews a short, black coffee that's stronger than an espresso. We designed this coffee maker to create a airtight vacuum, for faster immersion brewing, followed by a patented twist to apply pressure. The silicone plunger sits inside the upper handle, and is an essential to creating the air lock inside the chamber.
The plunger itself will deteriorate over time, and we recommend replacing it every 200 - 300 coffees for best results. To remove, simply pull it away from the upper handle. This can be a bit stiff at first, as it's designed to fit tightly. I use the back of a teaspoon to prop it up which gives me enough grip to pull it off.
The new one can be positioned and slotted into the same place - again, expect to spend a few seconds wiggling this into place but once it's on it's not going anywhere!