Become the Master of Milk

From getting to know your milk pitcher to free pouring hearts and steaming milk, this latte art course is packed with useful tips to help you become the master of milk. Throughout the 7 lessons, James, Danny and Dhan Tamang will walk you through the basics of turning your coffee into a work of art.

Lesson Two

Getting to Know your milk pitcher

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Lesson Three

How to steam your milk

The most important thing to learn when you're just starting your venture into latte art is how to steam milk.

In this lesson, Danny teaches us where to fill our pitcher to and how to position the milk jug under the steam wand for creating a silky texture.

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Lesson Four

How to Pour: Latte Art Heart

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Lesson Five

How to Pour: Latte Art Rosetta

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Lesson Six

How to Pour a Swan with Dhan Tamang

Pouring a swan is one of the most complex latte art designs, but Dhan makes it looks easy with this step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to steam and pour the perfect latte art so that you can become the Master of Milk.

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Common Mistakes

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