Latte Art Course


Barista & Co X Dhan Tamang

milk pitcher

Become the Master of Milk

Not long now. Dhan Tamang has put a latte art course together to help you learn how to steam milk and what textures and sounds to look out for. It also teaches you how to pour milk to get those perfect patterns. Check back to see when your latte art course goes live!

Barista Pro Pitcher in action

"To me, the most important part of the jug is the spout and then the thickness of the jug. So one day, I thought I'd come up with the solution. I thought it was the right idea to bend the jug.

I started bending the jug and that was the jug that I was using in all my competitions. Then I kept winning. I won the UK Latte Art Championships 6 years in a row with my custom jug.

Now Barista & Co have taken my design, 3D printed a model of it and had it hand-moulded and hand-welded. The Barista Pro Pitcher is designed to win championships. Don't miss the second drop: