Make Coffee with 60% more caffeine than an espresso shot.


Powered by Caffeine.


Strong Brew.

Finally, a coffee maker designed to enhance your performance. The Strong Brew makes a short, black coffee in 2 minutes.


"Runners that were powered by caffeine completed their endurance running time trial quicker and recovered faster than those who were given the placebo."


"Cyclists that were powered by caffeine travelled an average 1.5KM further than the placebo group during a time trial."


"The American College of Exercise discovered that after ingesting caffeine, muscle strength improved as well as muscle endurance."


"Swimmers that were powered by caffeine recorded a reduced completion time during a 50 m simulated swimming competition, and an increase in peak power."


Introducing the Strong Brew

A coffee maker we designed and developed to give you that strong hit of caffeine fast. This isn't coffee like you know it. This is Powered by Caffeine.

For Enhanced Performance

Stronger than espresso

Designed in the UK

Cheaper than Preworkout


Stronger than a Espresso

We took a TDS reading of a Strong Brew coffee and compared it to a double espresso. The results showed 60% more caffeine in the Strong Brew coffee, reading between 160MG - 170MG.

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Cheaper than Preworkout

We knew most preworkouts were caffeine-based, but we didn't realise that that is all they are. A Strong Brew coffee works out 10X cheaper based on the cost per MG of caffeine.

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2 Minute Brew Time

For a quick caffeine hit before your workout.

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Twist and Go...

Compact and easy to take with you on the go.

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1000+ Antioxidants

For enhanced performance and faster recovery.

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