Profitec GO FAQs

Does the Profitec Go have a non-burn/cool-touch steam wand?

Yes, the steam passes through a silicone tube. It will still heat up but won’t burn.

Do you have Profitec GO available in the UK now?

Barista & Co have a limited number of Profitec GO's available to order now with free express DPD delivery. If you order today, your home espresso machine will be with you in 2 -3 working days.

Is the machine delivered on a pallet?

We ship in air wrap via Fedex.

What is the difference between a single boiler and a dual boiler espresso machine?

The Profitec GO is a single boiler espresso machine which simply means you can't brew coffee and steam milk at the same time like you could do with a dual boiler. You can either brew your espresso shot then wait to bring your machine up to milk steaming temperature or you can steam your milk then let the machine cool slightly to be at the perfect brew temperature. This works really well for home machines as it gives you time to perfect your coffee and your milk, but coffee shops, hotels and restaurants would struggle to keep up with demand.

Is the Profitec GO an easy machine to learn to use?

Yes! One of the reasons we chose to partner with Profitec is because this espresso machine is ideal for beginners looking to learn about the perfect espresso shot. Once you've got the hang of pulling espresso shots and steaming milk, you can adjust your machine as you hone in on the perfect shot. The Profitec GO is fitted with an expansion valve to adjust brewing pressure. If you have any questions about your coffee machine, do not hesitate to get in touch. Email us at

Do you have a bottomless portafilter available for the Profitec Go?

They don’t come as standard but we do have them coming in October. They will be £39.99.

Will my coffee machine be covered by guarantee?

Yes! All of our espresso machines are covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a Barista & Co 1-year extended guarantee, giving a total of 2 years cover. During this time we'll service, repair or replace (like for like) your espresso machine if anything goes wrong. 

What finance options do Barista & Co offer?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, amazon and Shop Pay. We're proudly partnered with Klarna who offer a range of flexible and fixed pricing agreements. :

Pay in 30 days - For people who want to place the order now but pay in 30 days time

Pay in 3 - Splits the cost of your Profitec GO into 3 monthly instalments