Profitec GO - Guarantee Information

Barista & Co Coffee Ltd Warranty and Extended Guarantee – Electrical Products

This applies to all Profitec, Victoria Arduino, WPM and Eureka Electrical Products.

We would encourage you to read this policy in full as it only becomes relevant when issues occur and we want to ensure you are clear on our policy before purchase. As an official partner for all the brands we resell, we offer a UK based service centre and guidance before and after your purchase.  

We are unable to offer support for items purchased from overseas or from other resellers.

It is very important to us that you are completely happy with your purchase and for this reason we offer a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and a Barista & Co extended 1 year guarantee which means you are covered under this policy for a total of 2 years. This is a back to base policy so you will be responsible for the return shipping cost when making a claim.

This policy is transferrable at our discretion and if you are looking to sell your machine you can also contact us for a buy back price.

What is included?

This policy includes all parts and labour required to fix the reported issue. It also includes the return shipping back to customer but it does not include the shipping cost to our service centre, that is payable by the customer.

The cover is for machines used only for domestic use and with normal usage conditions inline with the manufacturers instructions.

What is not included?

  • General cleaning and maintenance, including but not limited to:
    • Descaling
    • Backflushing
    • Cleaning milk components
  • Any issue or defect including but not limited to:
    • A lack of regular descaling causing scale in the components
    • Scaling caused by using unfiltered water
    • Using the machine without the correct amount of water causing burn out of the boiler and other components
    • Damage to the brew group due to poor cleaning and maintenance
    • Blockages and issues with milk components due to poor cleaning and maintenance
  • Issues brought about by general wear and tear, including but not limited to:
    • Scratches, peeling and dents to any components
    • Replacement of grinder burrs
    • Replacement of seals and gaskets

How does it work?

  1. Request a claim via the messaging function on our website
  2. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and provide return shipping information
  3. You pack and ship the goods – for this reason we suggest you retain the original packaging
    1. We can offer replacement packaging at a cost of £14.99
  4. Goods received at our service centre and photographed
  5. Report sent to the customer to confirm the issues found on receipt of goods and any cosmetic damage
  6. Work carried out to repair the machine (we aim to do this in 30 days of receipt of goods)
  7. Machine shipped back to the customer – we cover this cost

Our policy is to repair machines or provide like for like replacements. We do not provide a new machine as a standard. Our aim is to get your machine back in your hands as quickly as possible. In circumstances where we are not able to fix the issue we will offer a refund or a new machine.

Your responsibility

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product reaches us in the condition it was shipped. Any further damage that occurs in shipping is not covered by this policy. For this reason we suggest that all original packaging is retained and insured shipping is used.

You must include your original order number in the shipment back to us.

Where do I ship the goods to?

Barista & Co

31 Market Place



BH24 1AN

Please note we do not offer this policy for international shipments.

Conditions of Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty

Important Information

All guarantee claims shall be contingent upon compliance with our operating instructions. The guarantee period shall commence on the date of purchase (order confirmation required as proof) or date of dispatch when item was preordered. Where the customer is unable to produce this document, the date of production shall apply. Any repairs carried out under guarantee shall not extend the warranty period; nor shall it start a new guarantee period.

Scope of rectification of defects. Within the guarantee period, our authorised retailer (Barista & Co) will rectify all defects on the product that are attributable to faulty workmanship or material defects. Where, in the case of a justified guarantee claim, the defect cannot be rectified by the retailer within a reasonable period of time and where we refuse to rectify the defect or rectification is unreasonably delayed, we declare our willingness to supply a replacement free of charge, to reimburse the reduction in value of the product or to take back the product against reimbursement of the purchase price.
Guarantee exclusion. The guarantee shall not cover damages or malfunctions caused by non-compliance with our operating instructions, dropping, impact, fouling or lime scale build-up, inadequate care and cleaning, natural wear and tear on, for example, seals. The warranty shall lapse if the product has been opened or interfered with by an unauthorized party.

Guarantee limitation. Any further claims, especially claims for compensation of damages incurred outside of the product, will not be entertained unless subject to statutory liability. Repairs under the existing warranty will be carried out by our authorised retailer.