strong coffee maker  

Make Coffee with 60% more caffeine than an espresso shot.


Introducing performance enhancing coffee.


Designed in the UK, the Strong Brew is changing the way we drink coffee and use caffeine to enhance performance. Two minutes of brew time gives up to 14 hours of caffeine kick, at less than 1/10th of the cost of preworkout.

Introducing the Strong Brew

for Enhanced Performance

Caffeine is the #1 ingredient in preworkout. It helps you perform at your best. We found a way to get that short, strong caffeine hit without breaking the bank.

Patented Technology, designed in the uk

With our patented helix chamber design, the Strong Brew combines immersion and pressurised brewing techniques to make a short, black coffee in 2 minutes.

60% Stronger than Espresso

We compared a Strong Brew coffee to an espresso shot. The TDS report showed that a short, black coffee from a Strong Brew made a coffee with 60% more caffeine than a shot of espresso.

10X Cheaper than Preworkout

Caffeine kicks in after 20 minutes and lasts 8 - 14 hours. Stop wasting money on preworkout. Coffee is about 10X cheaper than preworkout based on the cost per MG of caffeine.

strong brew coffee maker
"The Strong Brew is very well made, sturdy and easy to use. No spills or drips and simple to wash."
strong brew coffee maker
"Brought as a friend of mine had one when we went camping last year and I loved how easy it was to use when out. So glad I have purchased this, it has become my go to for a quick but strong coffee at home. Great results every time, would highly recommend. "
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