HUGE GIVEAWAY: Barista & Co X Homethings

We absolutely love it when we've got exciting news to share. Today marks the launch of a long overdue collaboration between Barista & Co and our friends at Homethings. Let me tell you a little bit about them.  


We've all got a cupboard under our kitchen sink that we're scared to open. You know the one. Even if the door creeps open a tiny bit, an onslaught of almost empty plastic spray bottles and sponges that have definitely seen better days scatter themselves across your kitchen floor. 


Homethings faced this problem head on... and the solution they've come up with is absolutely brilliant.  


Essentially, what they offer is a sustainable, cost-effective cleaning solution that cuts straight to the point. Instead of 27 different bottles, all half empty of course, you can order a reusable bottle and sign up to their refill subscription.  


We absolutely love them here at Barista & Co. As I'm sure you know, we take a great deal of care ensuring we make the right choice when it comes to protecting our planet. Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, and they're bigger to cut down on the amount of deliveries we need to make. We've also got spare parts for all of our own coffee makers so you can repair any accidents instead of throwing the whole thing away. 


We've stripped single use plastics from our range, including in the packaging. That's one of the reasons we're so excited to be working with Homethings! Instead of toxic chemicals, they use natural ingredients like citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. It's all vegan and cruelty free certified. The bottles are glass as well, so you can forget about single use plastics... 


If you haven't already checked them out, we highly recommend that you do. They're kindly offering you 30% off to get started, here's the code you'll need to use when you're checking out: 


But wait... there's more! 


Sitting in our office right now is a whole bundle of goodies that they're giving away to one of you! Alongside the Bundle is Massive from Homethings, we're throwing in a plastic-free Coffee Press, coffee measuring scoop and a bag of light roast and dark roast coffee for you to enjoy. 

 Barista & Co and Homethings Giveaway


Want to be in with the chance of winning all these amazing goodies? It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is head over to our Instagram and follow the rules in the caption. It only takes a minute to enter and we'll reveal the winners next Monday! Will you be the lucky giveaway winner? 

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