Coffee Makers for Camping

How to Find the Best Coffee Maker for Camping

Embark on a camping adventure with the perfect portable coffee maker, ensuring your mornings in the tent are filled with the rich aroma of specialty brews, paired with tips on coffee beans, milk frothing, and stylish accessories to elevate your camping experience in Dorset.

How to Find the Best Coffee Maker for Camping

You’ve booked the campsite, you’ve got your tent at the ready, and you’ve even remembered the mosquito spray this time.


Let’s go!


But hold up. What about your coffee for those early mornings in the tent?


Your brain hastily runs through the options.


Bring the Sage machine? No no, far too big (and expensive) to go in the car and let’s be real, there’s no plug sockets in the middle of a field.


Take the Pour Over coffee maker? Urmmm, not going to work. Some part of me doesn’t think gooseneck kettles were particularly made for camping trips.


Buy some of those coffee bags? You know, the ones that work the same way as teabags do. Actually, what a stupid thought. Let’s not lower ourselves to these standards, we can do better than that.


What we really need is a portable coffee maker.


One that can produce a strong, clean cup of specialty coffee without the hassle. One that won’t break in a rucksack and one that can be cleaned with just a rinse of water.


Is that too much to ask?!


portable coffee maker on the beach

Coffee Kit You Need For Camping


Finding the best portable coffee maker for camping presents as a long and tiring task. With hundreds of thousands of manual brewers on the market, I know it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. The Barista Journal is a great place to start 😉


This blog will (hopefully) act as a guide to help you get all the coffee kit you need.


Portable Coffee Maker


When it comes to camping, everyone knows there are sacrifices to be made. Your four-poster bed with its goose-feather duvet is going to be replaced with a deflating air bed and sleeping bag. Your toilet and aloe vera loo roll are just a distant memory when you stumble into the shared portaloos in the same underwear you’ve had on for the past 4 days.


And this is at best.


So, I’ve concluded. With all these sacrifices already, why should you let your coffee standards slip?


coffee maker for travelling with

A portable coffee maker, like the Twist Press, is the perfect companion to have on your travels. Incorporating a similar concept as the popular Aeropress design, but with a huge twist.


The Twist Press combines pour over, immersion and pressurised brewing methods to deliver a strong, clean, and smooth short black coffee.


Efficient and effective. Simply add the coffee filter disc (paper or metal), add your freshly ground coffee and pour in the hot water. Fix the upper handle to the helix chamber to create a vacuum – this will stop the dripping. Leave the grounds to steep for approximately 6 minutes, depending on how strong you enjoy your brew.


Once the brewing process has reached desired time, take hold of the two handles and slowly twist the two together. This pressure helps the coffee to seep through the filter and into the cup, leaving you with a fresh cup of coffee. Add a dash of milk (or cream!) and sit back in your collapsible camping chair and enjoy. Bob’s your Uncle.


On the other hand, if you prefer an arguably quicker, but weaker cup of coffee, the Brew It Stick is the one for you. A coffee and tea infuser, this stylish coffee maker works in a similar way to a coffee teabag (but with added luxury).


Add your freshly pre-ground coffee to the basket at the end of the stick, place in a cup of hot water and stir, aiding the extraction. Allow to brew for up to 8 minutes


small bag of coffee with brew it stick to take on a camping trip

The Best Coffee for Camping


So now the coffee maker is in the bag, it’s time to explore which coffee is the best for your little trip away.


Of course, bringing a grinder to the campsite sadly might be frowned upon so pre-ground coffee is the obvious way to go. Make sure you’re prepared with the correct grind size for your coffee maker (filter is the one for the Twist Press).


Top tip: Ditch that old elastic band and keep your coffee fresh with a secure coffee bag clip – keep it as good as when it was first roasted!


When it comes to choosing the best beans for you, it’s a toss up between darker, lighter, seasonal, and decaf. The decision is entirely based on the taste of coffee you enjoy.


Generally if you prefer to drink your coffee white, we recommend using a darker roasted bean as the sweetness counteracts the bitterness of the bean whilst keeping its aromatic flavours. A lighter roast such as this coffee from Mexico encompasses a lighter body with fruity flavours that is perfect for a strong black brew.


The decision of your coffee should not be taken lightly. Remember, you’re going to be stuck with it for your entire camping trip so make sure it’s one you want to drink every day (especially at a time when coffee is most important after those sleepless nights in the countryside).


camping fire to boil water to make coffee

Milk Frother for Camping


Coffee maker, check. Coffee beans, check. Now for the milk.


How does one make a latte or cappuccino without the trusty steam wand that is incorporated to your espresso machine at home?!


A good question.


Here is the answer…


Invest in a handheld milk frother. And when I say invest, we’re talking £23.99. Probably pennies compared to your machine steam wand, let’s be real.


Whilst a manual milk frother requires slightly more time and effort compared to an automatic machine, the silky milk you get at the end is so worth it. A luxury when camping some might say.


Coffee Accessories to Take Camping


If you want to go the extra mile and really turn camping into glamping, step up your game with some coffee accessories. Not necessarily necessary or even practical but they do look cool and make you feel like a real barista.


It’s the coffee accessories that will separate you from the camper next to you.


A coffee measuring scoop spoon is the most useful accessory you could take. After all, how else are you going to transfer your ground coffee from the bag to the coffee maker? You need a spoon, and you might as well make it stylish, hey?


Or if you want to get really fancy, pack some stainless steel stencils in your rucksack. This will really throw off your fellow campers. When it comes to the frothed milk, simply hover your chosen stencil design above the coffee and sprinkle your cocoa powder. Spice up the designs for each family member – we know ‘Hot Stuff’ might not be appropriate for your Grandma.


plastic free coffee press

Places to go Camping in Dorset


Has this blog got you interested in camping?! Maybe you’re keen to use your new coffee maker… there’s only one way to test it properly. Book a campsite.


If you’re looking to come to the Dorset area and need some recommendations, here’s a few of my favourites:




Located on the Jurassic Coast, surrounded by sandy beaches and isolated coves, Swanage is a beautiful place to set up camp (and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee!).


If you are looking for a beach break, great walks and stunning views, Swanage is the one for you.


Swanage campsites are plentiful, with one almost every half mile - you’ll be able to get a great spot, even last minute.




Weymouth, a vibrant seaside town in Dorset, makes for the perfect location for a family camping holiday.


Kitted with water sports activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling, the sandy beaches of Weymouth are never a boring outing.


If you’re looking to go camping in Weymouth, be sure to pack a camera – there’s lots of picturesque spots, including the infamous Sandworld Sculpture Park.




Wareham is a historic market town in the depth of Dorset. Whether it’s enjoying a boat trip on the River Frome or visiting the monkey rescue sanctuary, Wareham is an all-round location. Perfect for solo trips, couple getaways or large family gatherings.


The campsites in Wareham often feature gorgeous surrounding fields, great facilities and the odd rogue, friendly sheep here and there!




Only a few minutes from the beautiful New Forest, Verwood is a great camping location for adventures and exploring with the entire family.


With Moors Valley just around the corner, and the Dorset Heavy Horse and Farm Park a couple of minutes’ drive away, there won’t be a dull moment. Coffee is a necessity for this trip – you’ll be needing all the energy you can get!

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