What kind of Milk Pitcher Should I use for Latte Art?

As a latte artist, I know that choosing the right milk pitcher is crucial for creating beautiful latte art. The milk pitcher is not only a tool for steaming and frothing milk, but it also acts as a canvas for pouring latte art. In this post, I'll share my knowledge and experience about the kind of milk pitcher someone should use for latte art.


First and foremost, the spout of the milk pitcher should be considered. The spout is the most important part of the pitcher for pouring latte art. It should be thin and tapered to give you greater control over the flow of milk. A thin spout enables you to pour a fine line or intricate patterns with ease. A larger spout makes it challenging to create fine details in latte art. Therefore, I recommend using a milk pitcher with a narrow spout that will allow you to pour milk in a controlled and precise manner.


Another essential factor to consider is the alignment of the spout to handle. The spout should be in line with the handle of the pitcher. Proper alignment allows for greater control over the pour and prevents milk from dripping down the side of the pitcher. It also reduces the risk of wrist injury or fatigue that may occur from pouring milk from an awkward angle.


Lastly, the gauge of the milk pitcher should be taken into account. Gauge refers to the thickness of the walls of the pitcher. A thicker gauge means more heat retention and thus less likelihood of scorching the milk. It also makes the pitcher more durable and resistant to denting. However, a thicker gauge also means that the pitcher is heavier and may be more challenging to handle. A thinner gauge is lighter and easier to handle, but it doesn't retain heat as well, making it more prone to scorching the milk.


In conclusion, a milk pitcher with a narrow spout, proper spout-to-handle alignment, and an appropriate gauge thickness are the key factors to consider when choosing a milk pitcher for latte art. These features will give you greater control over the pour, reduce the likelihood of milk spilling, and minimize the risk of wrist injury or fatigue. Invest in a high-quality milk pitcher to improve your latte art and take your coffee game to the next level.

Introducing the Barista Pro Pitcher

The Barista Pro Pitcher is a collaboration between Barista & Co, a UK-based coffee equipment manufacturer, and Dhan Tamang, a renowned latte artist and author of the book "Coffee Art: Creative Coffee Designs for the Home Barista." The pitcher is designed to meet the needs of professional baristas who are passionate about latte art.


One of the key features of the Barista Pro Pitcher is its spout. The spout is thin and tapered, allowing for greater control over the flow of milk. It also has a unique tulip shape, which helps create beautiful, intricate latte art designs. The spout-to-handle alignment is also perfect, ensuring that the pitcher is comfortable to hold and easy to pour from.


Another notable feature of the Barista Pro Pitcher is its gauge thickness. The pitcher has a double-walled construction, which provides excellent heat retention and prevents the milk from scorching. The thicker walls also make the pitcher more durable and resistant to denting, ensuring that it will last a long time.


The Barista Pro Pitcher comes in two sizes: 400ml and 600ml, which are ideal for creating latte art in different cup sizes. The pitcher is also made from high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. It is dishwasher safe and can be used on any stovetop, making it a versatile tool for any barista.


In conclusion, the Barista Pro Pitcher by Barista & Co and Dhan Tamang is a professional choice of milk pitcher due to its high-quality construction, tapered spout, perfect spout-to-handle alignment, and excellent heat retention. It is an excellent tool for creating beautiful, intricate latte art designs and is used by many professional baristas around the world.

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