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Discover great coffee makers at great prices in our clearance outlet. This is your last chance to grab some of our discontinued brewing equipment and start making fresh coffee at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Coffee Makers Sale

Welcome to the Barista & Co clearance range, where exceptional coffee makers find a new home at fantastic prices. We're committed to constant innovation, refining our designs to bring you an even better coffee experience. The items in our clearance range are original designs that have been updated or tweaked, no longer part of our current product line. This gives you a chance to grab these discontinued gems at a great price. While these products don't fall under our standard returns and refunds policy, if you receive a damaged or faulty coffee maker, we're here to make it right through repair or replacement.

Our clearance section sees new additions infrequently, as these coffee makers are on a 'grab it while you can' basis. Once they're gone, they won't be back. Keep an eye on the section or subscribe to our newsletter for early updates. Now, if you're curious about filter coffee makers, they're standout brewers in the world of manual styles. Using filters—either paper or metal—to separate coffee grounds from water, they deliver a distinctive brewing experience. Before diving in, ensure you have the right coffee, whether pre-ground or freshly ground with an electric burr coffee grinder. Select the perfect grind and brewing method to unlock a delightful home-brewed cup.

At Barista & Co, our aim is to put a better cup of coffee in your hands. That means we're constantly innovating to make our coffee makers better than before. The coffee makers in our clearance range are some of our original designs, which might have been updated or tweaked slightly. They're discontinued and no longer in our product range which means you get them at a great price.

If you receive a coffee maker from us that is damaged or faulty, we will always do our best to repair or replace your item and get it right for you. We can't accept returns of on-sale goods on any other basis.

Not very often I'm afraid. All the coffee makers listed above are on a 'grab it while you can' basis and once they're gone they won't be back. Keep checking to see when new coffee makers are added, or get on our newsletter list to be the first to know.

In the realm of manual brewing styles like immersion or gravity, a filter coffee maker stands out, employing filters—either paper or metal—to separate coffee grounds from water. A familiar example is the cafetière, known for its metal filter plunger facilitating this crucial separation.

Ensure you have the right coffee before investing in a filter coffee maker. While pre-ground coffee is widely available in supermarkets, grinding fresh beans is a suggested step for a better home setup.

Consider upgrading to an electric burr coffee grinder to have more control over grind size, matching it with your specific filter coffee maker. If opting for pre-ground, go for medium-coarse coffee, which works well with various coffee makers in our range. Elevate your coffee experience by selecting the ideal grind and brewing method to enjoy a delicious cup at home.