Brazillian Coffee FAQs

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is any coffee that is graded 80 or above on a 100 point scale. All of our coffee's have achieved scores above 85 points and we are proud to be members of the Specialty Coffee Association.

What is single origin coffee?

If your coffee is single origin, it means that the beans can be traced back to any one farmer or distinct region. Think of it like wine, you can have a true St. Emilion where all the grapes used to make the wine come from one vineyard... Or you could have a Bordeaux blend that uses grapes from different vineyards.

Is single origin coffee better than coffee blends?

The main reason we think single origin coffee is better is because you can get a distinctive taste from the beans. There are no flavours competing with each other and you can trace every coffee bean back to it's original roots. Single origin coffees are commended for their purity and high quality amongst specialty roasters. 

Can I use filter ground coffee in a cafetiere?
Yes. Many roasters recommend opting for a finer grind size when brewing using a cafetiere. Our filter ground coffee option is perfect for use in a cafetiere. The metal filter is still fine enough to prevent sediment passing into the final cup whilst optimising the cleanliness of the extraction, delivering a smooth, crisp cup of coffee. We recommend brewing for slightly less time when using a finer grind size, aiming for approximately 4 minutes as opposed to the usual 6-minute brewing time.

What is the best coffee to use for a cafetiere?
Due to individual preferences and personal taste, there is really no such thing as the ‚Äėbest coffee to use for a cafetiere‚Äô, everyone will have their own favourite. Our dark roast coffee makes for a great brew if you enjoy adding milk to your coffee. The sweetness of the milk compliments the strong undertones of the dark roast, creating a rich, full-bodied taste. Our house dark roast coffee originates from¬†Brazil and encompasses the tasting notes of chocolate,¬†hazelnut¬†and macadamia.