FAQ - Brew it stick

Can I make a strong coffee with the Brew It Stick?

The Brew It Stick is designed as a lower strength brewer as part of our brew guide that covers all strengths so be sure to check that before you make a purchase. It is right for many people who don't like their coffee too strong.  You can increase the brew strength by using a slightly finer grinder size, stirring more and leaving to brew longer. We would suggest that you try ordering one of our medium grind size (filter option) coffees if you want to increase the strength. You can brew for up to 8 minutes and we recommend you stir and twist at the start and then again half way through your brew time but not at the end. By following this method you can make a coffee of a similar strength to a cafetiere.


Can I brew tea in the Brew It Stick?

Absolutely and you should follow the dosage (amount) of tea recommended by the tea merchant. It is very important to remember that coffee and tea have very different flavours and we do suggest buying a separate basket if you are going to move between coffee and tea on a regular basis. If you don't do this very often then be sure to give the brewer a good clean before using for tea. We recommend that you stir at the beginning, during and at the end when brewing loose leaf tea.


Do you make a metal version?

No we don't as this is our entry level brewer and we wanted an option to convert instant coffee drinkers to fresh coffee at an affordable price point. All the products that we manufacture in plastic have passed global food safety standards and we take them all back for recycling which means their impact on the environment is much lower than many metal products. If you are looking for a metal only product we suggest our Core Coffee Press.


I have broken my basket, can I replace it?

Absolutely, we offer spare parts for all the colours in the current range. If you have one of the older colours that we no longer sell then you can also use one of the other colour spares. Sometimes it's good to mix it up. Please see the Repair & Recycle section for details.


Why is there a hole in the top of the handle?

Our original Brew It Stick's did not have a hole in the top of the handle but we found by adding this small hole we could increase the strength of the coffee that was brewed. If enjoy a lower strength brew then you can put your finger over this hole when brewing as it will reduce the amount of water that reaches the coffee. In simple terms that will mean there is less coffee in the water.