FAQ - Cocoa Shaker

What colours are available for the Barista & Co Core Cocoa Shaker, and how does the powder coating enhance its appearance?

The cocoa shaker comes in black or white, and the quality powder coating not only complements your kitchen but also adds sophistication and a luxurious finish to this essential barista tool.

How does the ultra-fine filter in the Core Cocoa Shaker ensure a smooth cocoa experience, and why is it ideal for home baristas?

The shaker features an ultra-fine filter that prevents clumps, ensuring a smooth cocoa texture with each sprinkle. This makes it the perfect tool for home baristas looking to enhance their cappuccinos or hot chocolates.

How does the cap of the Core Cocoa Shaker contribute to maintaining the freshness of chocolate powder, and what is its benefit for users?

The shaker's cap plays a crucial role in preserving the dryness and freshness of chocolate powder, preventing spills and keeping the cocoa in peak condition for an extended period. This feature ensures a consistently high-quality cocoa for your hot drinks.