FAQs Core all grind

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Is the Core All Grind an espresso grinder?

The grinder has been designed specifically for manual brewing however it can grind to a micron level between 250 and 500 which many people use for espresso. The grind size consistency is more consistent between 400 and 800 microns which covers most manual brewing methods. As it can grind at lower microns we include a portafilter attachment that you often find on espresso specific grinders. It is important to note that the espresso grind is designed to be used with a pressurised portafilter which is found on many entry level domestic machines. You should check the portafilter (with the manufacturer) that you have before purchasing. You can adjust the burrs further for dedicated espresso grinding, please see below. 

Can I replace the burrs?

Absolutely, unlike other grinders you can replace the burrs in a few seconds. Simply detach the main grind unit with the press of a button and clip the new one in to place. We sell the replacement burr units on our website and we ask that you send back the old ones for recycling. We will provide a 10% discount on your next purchase to cover shipping costs.

Can the Core All Grind be used commercially?

No, the grinder is designed for home use only and should not be used in a commercial environment. Any commercial use will invalidate your guarantee and could damage the product.

Can I reduce the amount of static?

As the grinder has been designed as an open grinder to be used with a portafilter, the storage container or another vessel you may get some coffee grind on the surface. This is often created due to static which is unavoidable with all grinders. We always recommend only grinding what you need (on demand) for the coffee you are brewing as it will mean minimal static and fresher coffee. To minimise the build up we suggest tapping the grinder head (while holding the body) after each use to knock the grind out. You can also use the brush inside the hopper to give the disperser a quick clean after each use. 

Can I adjust the burrs for only espresso?

If you have a non-pressurised portafilter you may want to set-up the grinder for espresso. You can purchase in this set-up from our website or you can make adjustments to the internal burrs yourself. We would always recommend choosing the correct set-up on our website. You can see a guide to the burr adjustment here. Please remember that by doing this it will increase grind time and you should only grind what you require for immediate brewing to reduce static.

Filter or espresso calibration?

Out the box the Core All Grind is designed for manual brewing and pressurised portafilters. For a small cost we can adjust the burrs so you can use the product specifically for espresso. If you require a grinder for a higher value espresso machine such as the Profitec Go you may want to consider a dedicated espresso grinder such as the Eureka Mignon Specialita.