FAQ - Urnex Cleaning Powder

How often should I use Cafiza2 Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder for optimal maintenance?

Every 2-4 weeks, it's time for a thorough cleaning session. During this interval, take out the dispersion screen and immerse both the screen and your portafilter basket in a cleaning solution such as Cafiza. Use a brush to scrub your group, and perform a complete detergent backflush for optimal maintenance.

Can Cafiza2 Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder be used with various types of espresso machines?

Yes, Cafiza2 is versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of traditional espresso machines, making it a convenient choice for espresso enthusiasts with different equipment.

What makes the formula of Cafiza2 unique, and how does it contribute to effective cleaning?

Cafiza2 features a concentrated formula designed to eliminate residue in group heads, valves, and lines. Its balanced foam and solubility provide powerful cleaning while ensuring optimal rinsing for a thorough maintenance routine.

How does Cafiza2 Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder benefit my espresso machine's performance?

By effectively removing coffee oils and deposits, Cafiza2 helps maintain a clean and residue-free espresso machine, contributing to the longevity and consistent quality of your espresso.