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Best Quality Coffee

We only use high grade, specialty coffee beans that we roast
in small batches at our Dorset roastery.

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Best Value Coffee

Single origin coffee beans, roasted fresh in Dorset, from as
little as 26p per cup.

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Make It Simple

With four specialty coffees to choose from, and tons of advice
from our team, we’ve made it easy to find a coffee you love.

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Ethically-Sourced Beans

Hand-picked by farmers we know by name on community-driven
coffee farms, we’re proud to pay more than Fair Trade.

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 Will you choose 1kg of coffee beans? Or 2x 350g ground or whole bean coffee? Tell us if you need it letterbox friendly.

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Our favourite is our House Lighter Roast but you're free to choose from any of the coffee's on our website.

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We put our coffee subscribers in the driving seat when it comes to delivery frequency. Get your coffee every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

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With passwordless login, SMS management and pre-roast emails, it's easy to pause, cancel or ammend your subscription at any time.

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Our Favourite

House Single Origin Lighter Roast

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All round excellent experience.

Excellent communications. Excellent coffee and the fact that
it is ethically sourced makes it all the better.

Michael Blackwell
Subscriber since August 2022

Great team on the Dorset Coffee Roasting scene…

Great team in Dorset. Always welcoming, full of enthusiasm and a real desire to share their expert knowledge of great coffee.

Thank you for the education, I can now make my perfect
coffee at home, I love your single origin light roast, my personal favourite.

Craig Chapman

I really can’t think of anything bad to say…

I really can’t think of anything negative to say about
barista. They definitely tick all the boxes.

Barry Gaston
Subscriber since November 2021

Consistently Good Specialty Coffee Beans

Consistently good coffee beans at a very reasonable price with discounts on future purchases through the "Free Beans" system.
Very close to dropping the other supplier and going all in with a Barista & Co coffee subscription.

Andy Hayes

Excellent Local Coffee Beans

Local company to me, supplying excellent coffee of a very
high standard. Easy purchase options and reliable delivery. What more could I need?

Mr Saddington
Subscriber since June 2022

Excellent Local Coffee Beans

Local company to me, supplying excellent coffee of a very
high standard. Easy purchase options and reliable delivery. What more could I need?

Adrian Thirkill
Subscriber since July 2022
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Single Origin Darker Roast
We roast fresh coffee beans every week, ready to be delivered to your door. Save 10% when you subscribe to regular deliveries of this Brazilian coffee, our House Dark Roast.
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limited edition coffee beans
Limited time
Limited Edition Guest Roast
Try our Seasonal Guest, available for a limited time only! This Peruvian coffee is roasted in Dorset and available as whole bean or ground!
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We roast fresh coffee in Dorset every week

We’re passionate about quality, and when it comes to coffee that means it has to be fresh.

Our coffee beans are roasted weekly in Dorset. Coffee subscribers benefit from immediate dispatch, with coffee arriving on your doorstep within 7 days of being roasted.

If you haven't tried fresh coffee, now's your chance. Our House Darker Roast is roasted every Monday and available from £7.49 a bag.

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About Your Coffee Subscription

Why a lighter roast?

Our Arabica coffees are roasted slightly lighter as we use a higher grade of specialty coffee. Traditionally lower grade supermarket commodity coffees have been roasted darker to hide the nasty flavours of the poor quality coffee. As our coffees are full of natural flavour we want them to shine without any burnt notes. You get all the flavours you love and a whole lot more.
Dark roast single origin Columbian coffee subscription

Single Origin

House Darker Roast

350g - £12.49 1kg - £28.99

A brilliant Brazilian coffee, hand-picked in the Mogiana region with distinctive chocolate, hazelnut and macadamia nut tasting notes.

Darker Roast.

Country. Brazil

Taste. Chocolate / Hazelnut / Macadamia

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Our House Darker Roast is a rich Brazilian coffee, perfect for those that add milk. With chocolate undertones and a hazelnut and macadamia nut finish, you'll be surprised with the explosion of flavour this rich Yellow Bourbon varietal offers.

The beans have been naturally dried in the sunny hills of the Serra de Mantiquera Region at an altitude of 1000 - 1100m. This process enhances the natural flavours of the crop.

Light roast single origin coffee from Africa fresh roast

Single Origin

House Lighter Roast

350g - £12.99 1kg - £31.99

Bright, zingy and packed with flavour - you'll be taken aback by the spicy undertones and bold aromas bursting from these beans.

Lighter Roast.

Country. Mexico

Taste. Almond / Berry Fruit / Vanilla

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One of our all time favourites, this 100% arabica single origin was hand-picked and roasted in small batches to deliver a sensation of flavours.

We're incredibly proud to be working directly with a community-led coffee farm in the Chiapas region of Mexico to bring this Red Bourbon single origin coffee direct to your door. Back
Fresh coffee roasters decaf

Single Origin

House Decaf Roast

350g - £12.99 1kg - £31.99

Naturally decaffeinated using the CO2 method, we've locked in the flavour of these coffee beans to ensure a brilliant brew every time.

Darker Roast.

Country. El Salvador

Taste. Chocolate / Orange / Hazelnut

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This decaf is from Santa Ana department of El Salvador, grown at an elevation of approximately 1100m amsl, in the foothills of the Ilamatepec volcano, in rich volcanic soils. It is a blend of Pacas and Bourbon varieties and processed carefully to produce a clean and sweet cup. The coffee has been decaffeinated in Germany using the natural CO2 method. Back

Seasonal Guest From Peru

Dark Nights

350g - £13.49 1kg - £32.99

The dark chocolate and orange tasting notes sit boldly in this Peruvian coffee, roasted weekly in Dorset.

Darker Roast.

Country. Peru

Taste. Dark Chocolate / Orange / Almond

Tell Me More
This is a fully washed coffee from Peru's central highlands. The coffee is grown on small family farms, in hills bordering the towns of Satipo and Pichinaki, in the region of Junin; approximately 500km east of Peru's capital, Lima. It is a blend of varietals including bourbon, caturra and catimor. Back

A Different Direct Way

By cutting out the middlemen, we can pay our coffee farmers up to 4 times more than supermarket brands. All while still offering you great value for money when it comes to your coffee subscription. We take our jobs very seriously. We visit every farm we work with to check they offer the right growing conditions to produce exceptionally good coffee. Whatever your chosen brew methods, we know you'll love our small batch light and dark roasts - always hand-picked by farmers we know by name.

Barista & Co coffee farmers

We take time to choose our coffee farms not only based on the quality of the beans but also the positive impact we can have on their communities. With our coffee subscription service, we are proud to support nearly 500 indigenous families growing incredible organic coffee beans in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and El Salvador.

1% for the planet sustainable coffee company

Through our Buy a Coffee, Give a Coffee initiative we are proud to be members of 1% for the Planet and support Project Waterfall. With every sip you know you are giving back to provide clean water and sanitation in communities that need it most.