How to - Urnex Bath

  1. Prepare the Cleaning Solution:

    • Create a cleaning solution suitable for your coffee machine maintenance.
  2. Use the 2L Submerge and Clean Container:

    • Pour the cleaning solution into the 2L Submerge and Clean Container.
    • Utilise the container for precise filling and easy visibility of contents.
    • Ensure thorough submersion of your equipment, minimising splashing during the cleaning process.
  3. Utilise the Filter Extraction Tool:

    • Use the Filter Extraction Tool to effortlessly remove the portafilter basket from the handle.
    • This tool streamlines the task, minimizing effort and enhancing the efficiency of your coffee-making process.
  4. Complete the Maintenance Process:

    • Follow any additional steps recommended for your specific coffee machine maintenance.
    • Experience a new level of care for your coffee machine, designed to extend its life and elevate the quality of your brewed coffee.