Light Roast Coffee FAQs

Is light roast coffee less acidic?

Light roast coffee is more acidic than darker roasted beans, but much less bitter. This is because the natural oils, flavours and caffeine stay locked within the bean and you'll experience much brighter, fresher flavours with light roasted coffee beans.

Is light roast coffee stronger than dark roast coffee?

Light roast coffee is stronger in caffeine content than dark roast beans. This is because light roast coffee is taken out of the roaster after the first crack, before the natural coffee oils start to break down. What this means is that your light roast coffee is stronger, but also withholds the natural flavours of that particular bean varietal. Our current House Lighter Roast is nutty in flavour and bursting with aromas, typical of single origin Arabica beans from Mexico.

Is light roast coffee more bitter?

The coffee roasting process alters the taste of the beans quite dramatically. When you light roast your coffee beans, you'll get flavours that represent that particular varietal - for example our House Lighter Roast is nutty with vanilla notes. The darker you roast your coffee, the more of the natural oils will disappear leaving you with that intense, bitter tasting coffee more typical in Italy or served as espresso.

Can I use filter ground coffee in a cafetiere?

Filter ground coffee is perfect for use when brewing a cafetiere coffee. The fine grind size allows for more coffee to be in contact with the hot water, making for a stronger, more flavoursome brew. The metal filter in the cafetiere is still fine enough to capture the grounds, delivering a clean cup of coffee. Due to the finer grind size of the coffee, it is recommended to reduce the brewing time slightly, aiming for 4 minutes instead of 6.

What is the best coffee to use for a cafetiere?

The truth is, it’s impossible to say the ‘best coffee for use in a cafetiere’ as everyone will have their own preferences on taste. Our Mexican lighter roast is our most popular coffee here at Barista & Co. With undertones of almond, berry fruit and vanilla, our house roast is best when enjoyed black, allowing the delicate flavours to deliver without compromise.